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February 2016 March 2016

1 International Students & Academic Integrity: Strategies For Avoiding Cheating & Plagiarism

1 FERPA Regulations For The Online Environment: A Toolkit For Faculty & Staff

2 How Faculty Can Recognize & Manage Mental Health Issues In The Classroom

2 Training Front Office Staff: 10 Key Responses For Handling Disruptive Behaviors

3 How To Increase Online Student Course Evaluation Rates: 4 Strategies That Work

4 Moving From Recruitment To Retention: Transforming Your Student Ambassador Program

7 The New FYE Model: How To Flip Your Classroom To Meet Student Demands - Complimentary Webinar

9 Hybrid Instruction: How To Redesign Your Course To Maximize Benefits

9 Faculty & Staff Unions: Understanding The Contract, Building Relationships & Resolving Issues

10 A Data-Driven Approach: Measuring & Demonstrating The Impact Of Student Affairs

10 Summer Bridge 101: A Step-by-Step Guide To Developing A Program For Your Students

15 Supervising Student Employees: Training Designed To Engage & Motivate A New Generation

15 Assessing The Effectiveness Of Programs For At-Risk Students: Strategies That Work

16 Supporting Re-Entry Students: Moving Them From Stop-Outs To Graduates

16 Measuring Front-Line Customer Service: How To Identify Issues & Improve Interactions

17 FERPA Compliance & Parent Relations

18 Managing Overly Involved Parents: Effective Strategies For Deescalating Aggressive Behavior

22 How To Advise Students Online: Protocols & Pitfalls Of Email Advising

30 How To Write Case Notes: Practical Guidance & Risk Mitigation For Case Managers, Counselors & BITs

30 How To Manage, Supervise & Energize Difficult Staff: A Proactive Approach

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