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10 Essential Components Of An Evidence-Based Behavioral Intervention & Case Management Program
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Case Management is quickly becoming recognized as a must-have support service for assessing and managing at-risk students on college campuses. Therefore, to meet the needs of both students and campus partners, case managers must ensure their programs include a clear scope of service, key foundational elements, and stay abreast of best practice recommendations in the field. This webinar will explore the 10 essential components needed for creating a strong case management program that ensures equitable, wrap-around care for at-risk student populations. Areas covered include philosophical approach, core foundational elements of an evidence-based case management program, suggestions for protocols and practice, and specific skills and training needed to fulfill the role. Attendees will also be provided current data trends in the field as well as recommended resources and sample forms, rubrics, and protocols needed to provide equitable, wrap-around care for their students. 

Using Case Management Data to Inform Practice & Develop Campus Trainings For Behavioral Intervention
On-Demand Training

The University of South Florida case management office conducted a data review of their referral data over the lifespan of the case management department, focusing specifically on the academic years 2014-2015 through 2016-2017. After reviewing case management and BIT referral data over this timespan, it was determined that the overall number of referrals for case management services (633) was too low for the USF campus population (41,000). Additionally, further review of the referral data demonstrated that 20% of the referrals were for “high” levels of concern and the most common reason for a referral was a mental health issue(s), meaning that by the time the referral was made a mental health crisis was already evident and documented. This approach to receiving referrals made it difficult for the case management office to employ effective interventions and meant that more staff time was spent establishing safety for students rather than engaging in preventative care. To address this issue, the USF case management office developed a training which would teach faculty and staff how to identify, support and refer a student of concern with an emphasis on engaging in early intervention and increasing referrals. Referral data post-training implementation indicates that referral groups that received a training demonstrated an average 355% increase over academic years 14-15 to 16-17 while those who did not receive the training demonstrated an average 110% increase over the same time span. Additionally, the referral data demonstrated a shift toward early intervention as the number of referrals for “high” levels of concern decreased, and referrals for adjustment issues, interpersonal concerns, and general well-being increased.

During this program session, presenters will discuss the analysis of the referral data as well as provide an overview of the referral process at USF. This discussion will include an overview of how USF assesses the level of concern and identifies areas of concern. Presenters will identify the data points that indicated the need for a programmatic change and will review the training plan developed as a result of the data. Furthermore, the presentation will provide the participants with an in-depth look at the training program developed so that they may be able to develop and implement a training program on their campus. Finally, the presentation will review the data which demonstrates the impact the training program had on the case management program referrals and the implications this data has for practice and policy.

Photo of webinar speaker Jamie Molnar.

Webinar 1 will be presented by:

Jamie Molnar, M.App.Psych., LMHC, is the Assistant Director and Chair for the Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT) at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP). She earned her B.S. in Psychology for the University of Central Florida and her Masters in Applied Psychology (Clinical) from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach with 12 years of clinical and organizational psychology experience.

Jamie currently oversees the student of concern case management program at USFSP and chairs the Students of Concern Assistance Team (SOCAT). In this role, she directs the campus response to distressed and distressing students and crisis situations. She is an active member of the Higher Education Case Manager Association’s (HECMA) Operations and Strategic Planning Committee and co-authored the 2017 HECMA Member Survey and Analysis Report. She also currently serves on the advisory board for the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA) and is an Editor for the national Journal for Behavioral Intervention Teams. She writes and presents regularly on case management in higher education.

Jamie has worked in in both clinical and non-clinical roles in Student Affairs and has expertise in clinical counseling, coaching, crisis response, early intervention, and health and wellness initiatives.

Photo of webinar speaker Makenzie Schiemann.

Webinar 2 will be presented by:

Makenzie Schiemann earned her B.S in Education from Ashland University, her M.S in Educational Psychology, Community Counseling from Southern Illinois University, and is currently enrolled in the University of South Florida PhD program for Higher Education Administration. Makenzie is currently the Director for Student Outreach and Support, the Director for the Center for Victim Advocacy and the Chair of the Students of Concern Assistance Team at the University of South Florida. In this role, Makenzie addresses students in distress, responds to crisis incidents and collaborates on policy development and implementation with various departments on campus including the Dean of Students, Student Rights and Responsibilities, and the Office of General Counsel.

Makenzie has overseen the Behavioral Intervention Team and case management office at a large public, and small private institution and has been working in the field of early identification and intervention of student mental health crises for 9 years. Additionally, she has served as a victim advocate on a college campus and has been involved in campus Title IX work. Her areas of expertise include crisis response, early intervention, and policy development.

Additionally, Makenzie currently serves on the advisory board for the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA) and is an Editor for the national Journal for Behavioral Intervention Teams. Makenzie has also previously served on the board for the Higher Education Case Managers Association (HECMA).

Photo of webinar speaker Nicole Morgan.

Webinar 2 will be presented by:

Nicole Morgan earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of South Florida, majoring in Psychology and her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Nicole has her provisional mental health counseling licensure as a registered mental health counselor intern with the state of Florida where she is also a certified addiction’s professional. Nicole has worked in higher education for three years and previously worked in various community mental health settings including mobile crisis response teams and crisis stabilization units.

In her current role, Nicole serves as the Assistant Director and primary case manager for the University of South Florida’s Student Outreach and Support office in conjunction with their behavioral intervention team, the Students of Concern Assistance Team. Nicole is also the co-facilitator of the University’s food pantry, Feed-A-Bull, which assists students by providing emergency food assistance and alleviating food insecurity.

Nicole’s areas of interest include crisis intervention, providing wrap around care for student’s following mental health hospitalizations, and training/education on mental health and social service needs.

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  • Recruitment
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We take quality seriously, and so all of our workshops are top notch in terms of content and look. However, if we know how you plan to use StudentLingo (FYE, Retention, Probation, TRIO, etc.), we can make workshop recommendations.

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  • One of our partners, College of Southern Nevada, used StudentLingo to measure learning outcomes. in a study, one class had access to StudentLingo and the other cohort did not. 92% of the cohort with access to StudentLingo earned a whole letter grade higher than the cohort without StudentLingo.
  • A lot of our partners use the data to justify funding for grants, operating dollars, or for new program development.
  • The evaluation data is particularly useful in identifying what type of learning students prefer and the qualitative takeaways from viewing the workshop.
  • Some of our partners use the data to connect with their student information system, like Banner or Peoplesoft. 
  • I think a great way to get started on how you want to use the data is to ask yourself some questions:
    1. How will I know if StudentLingo was successful?
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What is TutorLingo?

TutorLingo is a series of 9 online training modules that prepare tutors by providing the basic skills necessary to support their peers in becoming more independent and strategic learners.

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No, each training is a stand-alone workshop, and they can be viewed in any order.

What is the CRLA?

The CRLA is a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring. In 1989, the CRLA created a training program that is considered ‘best-practice’ for tutor training. A fews years ago, Innovative Educators partnered with the CRLA to create supplementary training modules. Our training supports learning centers in achieving level 1 certification through CRLA.

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Yes. CRLA members receive a 10% discount on TutorLingo.

Is there an admin view?

Yes. The admin view is an upgrade and costs $500, but gives you the ability to access completion data more efficiently and in real time. If you don’t want the admin view, we provide monthly usage reports.

What is ParentLingo?

ParentLingo is a go-to resource that institutions can easily share with parents to encourage student independence, growth & success. ParentLingo is a shared resource that recognizes and includes parents as partners in the educational process.

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Please contact us for pricing information.  Email or 303-955-0415.

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Standard package:

  • 8 Targeted Modules For Parents Branding (Logo On Every Page)
  • ADA Compliant & Responsive Design
  • Promotional Materials
  • Registration (First Name, Last Name, Email)

Premier Package:

  • 8 Targeted Modules For Parents Branding (Logo On Every Page)
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  • Completion Reports & Standard Evaluations
  • Custom Branding (Logo & Institutional Photos)
  • 3 Additional Registration Points
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  • Flexible Pricing (College Payment Option Or Parents Pay Directly)