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Turan Mullins

Full Bio

Turan Mullins is an established diversity leader who works with educational, corporate, and

non-profit organizations to actively bring about cultural competence, diversity and

inclusiveness in the workplace and beyond. He engages audiences in honest conversation

focused on changing perspectives and learning best practices to ensure everyone is respected and given equal opportunity to thrive.

In his role as senior advisor to the president for access and opportunity at Maryville University, Mullins develops, implements, and assesses initiatives to create a more inclusive and socially just campus. His work is significant for every major constituent group: faculty, students, administration, alumni, and donors.

He has proven himself to be an established leader with demonstrated ability to execute visions and meet organizational goals. His ability to transcend cultural differences allows him to lead diverse groups of people and build strong relationships with stakeholders at every level on campus and in the community.