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Jackie Luft

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Jackie Luft, Ed.D. is currently faculty at Western State Colorado University, where she works with both pre-service and current educators towards meeting their goal of completing graduate work. Jackie’s Master of Special Education and Doctorate of Educational Technology provide a foundation for her area of focus, how technologies assist people with disabilities.

Jackie has had the opportunity to work in publics schools as a social studies instructor, special education instructor and administrator.; and in higher education preparing teachers for the classroom. As an educator early in her career she saw the potential technology had when working with students with learning disabilities. She has had the privilege of watching technology develop and transform education, both in public schools and higher education, which led her to working with other educators to use technology to meet the various needs of students in their classroom.

Besides a love of technology and education, Jackie enjoys the outdoors, attempting any new craft fad and spending time with her loved ones. She currently is living in rural Gunnison County and building her dream log home surrounded by Ponderosa Pines and chipmunks. Her adult children never visit enough, but her cat, Meatloaf, and dog, Ginger Sweet Potato Bear, keep her entertained.

Jackie’s goals in the future are to continue to work with educators to increase Universal Design of Learning, so that all students have equal access to education. She will continue to research new methods that are effective in increasing accessibility and learning for students through digital media.