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Dr. Teddi Fishman

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Teddi Fishman is the Director for The Center for Academic Integrity, which exists to raise awareness about plagiarism and to encourage commitment to academic integrity in educational institutions. The center also provides its members with new, up-to-date technologies and products to keep the commitment to academic integrity alive.

Fishman, who grew up in St. Charles, Mo., earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Auburn University at Montgomery, master’s degrees in both English and professional communication at Clemson University and a Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition from Purdue University in 2002. She has taught many courses — mostly in writing or professional communication — at undergraduate and graduate levels at Purdue University, the State University of West Georgia and Clemson University. Fishman has also been an active part of Clemson’s faculty and student development, working with the Pearce Center for Professional Communication.