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David Arendale

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David draws on his four decades of classroom and professional development experience to share practical and evidence-based solutions for increased student learning. At the University of Minnesota, David Arendale serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Manager for the Educational Opportunity Association Best Practices Clearinghouse. In addition to teaching history courses, he investigates the history of postsecondary college access, learning assistance, developmental education, and academic interventions that support improved student achievement and persistence. Employing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, he embeds into his first-year history course approaches and strategies to eliminate barriers to learning and provide learning services to increase academic success, engagement, and persistence. Arendale is a prolific author and international conference presenter. He is a national leader in the field of learning assistance and developmental education as an author, leader, and researcher. Arendale was recognized by the American Council of Developmental Education Associations for induction as a Founding Fellow of the profession.

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