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Psychiatric Hospitalization: How To Support Students Before, During & After (Two Case Studies)
On-Demand Training 

The prevalence and acuity of mental health issues on college campuses are on the rise. Most alarmingly, research indicates that one in 12 students experience suicidal ideation during throughout their college experience. With this reality, it is essential for university faculty/staff to have a comprehensive understanding of the continuum of psychiatric care. In this webinar, presenters will provide information to increase faculty/staff understanding of the hospitalization process from supporting the decision to seek inpatient care, through hospitalization, and discharge/return to campus. Presenters will share two case studies that exemplify the process from the student perspective and how administrative staff can support students in each step of the process. Hospitalization can seem like an intimidating and confusing process; this webinar will give you a better understanding of the student experience increasing administrator knowledge and comfort in guiding students through this process.  

Mental Health & Resiliency: Fostering Coping & Problem-Solving Skills For Increased Persistence
On-Demand Training

Student affairs professionals and college mental health providers continue to face the reality that the cohort of students entering our institutions today come to campus with apparently fewer coping skills and less resilience to navigate the demands of an academic environment. In this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to explore how this issue has affected college and university campuses, discuss the mental health issues around building resilience and possible strategies that can be employed on different types of campuses. 

Loneliness & Mental Health: Actionable Interventions To Improve Emotional Health & Well-Being
On-Demand Training

Plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty are an especially serious problem for online learning. This is the case even though the common perception that cheating is much more prevalent in online classes is probably not accurate. Even at levels equal to face-to-face classes, online academic dishonesty undermines student learning, but an exaggerated fear of rampant cheating and the notion that it is especially difficult to detect and deal with academic dishonesty can undermine the institutional integrity of online learning. On a practical level we also know that dealing with academic dishonesty when it does happen causes serious problems for teachers, administrators, and students.

This webinar will overview national trends regarding loneliness on college campuses including correlates of mental/physical health and student success. Through a unique partnership experts from Hopelab, a nonprofit social innovation lab working to improve emotional well-being of teens and young adults, and Grit Digital Health, the team of behavioral health, technology, and marketing communications specialists behind the upstream digital wellness tools YOU at College and, undertook a year-long research effort to gain the best understanding of the experience of loneliness on today's campuses and design actionable interventions reduce it. The webinar will overview these findings from the joint research effort researching, exploring, and prototyping ways to help college students form supportive friendships and overcome loneliness, improving emotional health and well-being.

Photo of webinar speaker Naathan Demers.

Webinar 1 & 3 will be presented by:

Dr. Nathaan Demers is a clinical psychologist with experience working in therapeutic boarding schools, inpatient burn/neuro ICU, community mental health, and college counseling. Additionally, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education - Mental Health Program, a nonprofit working to bring quality mental health and prevention services to rural and underserved areas in the Western 15 states and American Territories in the Pacific. Nathaan is a board member for the Colorado Psychological Association and completed his dissertation research on the topic of maturity in adolescent and young adult populations. With his passion for the topic and his professional experiences, he has unique expertise in the realms of health promotion and student success on college campuses.

When not in the office, Nathaan can be found on the soccer field or adventuring in the mountains of Colorado with his wife, family, and friends.

Photo of webinar speaker Dorothy Demers.

Webinar 1 will also be presented by:

Dorothy Muirhead Demers, LPC, NCC has been a therapist at two university college counseling centers over the last four years. During this time she gained specialization in behavioral health, and drug and alcohol interventions, as well as worked with students with high acuity during their return to campus post-hospitalization. She also has experience working at two inpatient psychiatric hospitals on acute, mood disorder, medical detox, and geriatric units as a mental health counselor. The perspective from these work experiences has made her passionate about promoting the best practices throughout the hospitalization and post-hospitalization experience possible for students. 



Photo of webinar speaker MJ Raleigh.

Webinar 2 will be presented by:

On June 1, Dr. Mary-Jeanne (MJ) Raleigh started work at High Point University as the Executive Director of Counseling Services.

Dr. Raleigh brings 30 years of experience in college mental health and several other areas of student affairs. Twenty three of those years have been spent at four institutions of higher education as either a director of counseling services, director of health services or a director of a wellness center.

Dr. Raleigh, who earned a Ph.D. in environmental studies at Antioch University New England, has considerable experience in counseling and leadership in higher education.

“I’ve worked at universities large and small, urban and rural, public and private,” she said. “I’ve worked in student housing, health, wellness education and judicial services.” Dr. Raleigh has very diverse interests in the field of human-environment interactions, college mental health and higher education leadership.

A graduate of Castleton University in Vermont, Dr. Raleigh earned a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and another master’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook in 20th century Irish poetry.

Her research spans several areas, including the relationship between children’s exposure to nature and the development of coping skills for anxiety during college.

“My doctoral program was completed jointly in counseling and environmental studies,” she said. “My research focuses on childhood exposure to nature and its connection to the development of active coping strategies in adulthood.”

Dr. Raleigh’s other research and publications concern mental health ethics in higher education, threat assessment, and human development. She also has taught at Johns Hopkins and Antioch universities and at New England College, where she instructed graduate and undergraduate students.
Dr. Raleigh is active in professional organizations. A past president and national board member of the American College Counseling Association (ACCA), is presently the ACCA on the Governing Council of the American Counseling Association, she is also on the national board of Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.

She is a nationally certified counselor with licenses in clinical professional and mental health counseling. Dr. Raleigh received a Presidential Honor in 2010 from the ACCA and an Outstanding Professional Leadership Award from the ACCA.

Photo of webinar speaker Caroline Fitzgerald.

Webinar 3 will also be presented by:

Caroline Fitzgerald is a project lead for Hopelab, a social innovation lab focused on building science-based technologies to improve the health and well-being of teens and young adults. She leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers, and strategists weaving together tools from systems thinking, human-centered design, and research to take the understanding of health and behavioral problems and solutions to new places. Before Hopelab, FitzGerald worked for nine years as an Occupational Therapist for people with serious mental illness in the U.S., U.K., and New Zealand.

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Cost-Effective: No travel required. Online Training is an innovative way to provide your entire faculty and staff with a variety of professional development opportunities for one low price! The more you train the more you save, as the registration fee is per institution, not per person.

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Flexible Training:

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In-Service Training: Plan an in-service around a live webinar or schedule a day and time to show the recording in a lecture hall or large conference room and invite faculty and staff to brainstorm and discuss implications for your institution.

Online Faculty and Staff Learning Communities: Distribute the recording to faculty and staff so they can watch anytime, anywhere.

Staff Recognition: Develop a program around the webinar with monthly themes and recognize the staff members that implement the best idea related to the theme.

Team-Building: Utilize these trainings to develop cross-functional and cross-discipline teams to foster collegiality.

New Employee Training: Include the online training as part of your new employee training program to ensure consistency.

Implementation and Follow-Up: Use the guide and evaluation materials provided by Innovative Educators to plan, implement, and track your progress.

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All live Webinars and over 100 pre-selected, on-demand webinars.

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The purchase price for Go2K is an annual fee, which includes access to over 150 live events/year and 100+ on-demand trainings.

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Your on-demand portal includes automated certificates of completion and can be printed or downloaded after completing the training. The live events do not include automated certificates. However, we can provide you a fillable certificate PDF to share with faculty and staff.

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For your on-demand trainings, we provide you with a monthly usage report as well as an evaluation report. Upon request, we can provide annual or bi-annual registration reports for any live orders.

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How are colleges using Go2O?

Colleges are using Go2O in a variety of ways:

  • As a stand-alone online orientation
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You can receive completion reports two ways:

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The online enrollment checklist is designed to walk students through your enrollment process ensuring they make it to the first day of class! The registration checklist is one of the modules available with Go2O. Based on your purchasing level, the module can be a selection or will be included.

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  • Starter
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Go2O is ADA accessible and fully responsive on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

How are colleges using SL?
  • Recruitment
  • Probation/Interventions
  • Career Readiness
  • Learning Centers
  • TRIO Programs
  • IX Training
  • IV Grants
  • With Advisors & Counselors
  • Extended Learning Institute
  • FYE & Student Success Courses
  • Orientation
  • Online FYE Seminar
  • Extra Credit
  • Financial Aid Appeal
  • College Level English Requirement
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Target Online Learners
  • Student Disability Office
  • Writing Center
  • Can be required by faculty
  • Student Success Course

Which workshops are your top rated?

We take quality seriously, and so all of our workshops are top notch in terms of content and look. However, if we know how you plan to use StudentLingo (FYE, Retention, Probation, TRIO, etc.), we can make workshop recommendations.

Funding is a little tight, how many workshops can I get for $XX?

You can buy the entire StudentLingo package (48 workshops) or we offer several a la carte options. Unlike a lot of other software companies, we don’t charge per user, so we can work with any budget. We recommend talking to other departments on campus to increase your purchasing power and to share the cost. Also, we do have a pay model whereby students pay directly. If you are interested in learning more about this option, give us a call.

Is there an admin view?

This is a feature of our platform, but comes at an additional cost. With the admin view, you get access to more advanced reporting, and you have it in real time. With the standard membership, you get monthly reports.

How have other schools leveraged reporting?
  • One of our partners, College of Southern Nevada, used StudentLingo to measure learning outcomes. in a study, one class had access to StudentLingo and the other cohort did not. 92% of the cohort with access to StudentLingo earned a whole letter grade higher than the cohort without StudentLingo.
  • A lot of our partners use the data to justify funding for grants, operating dollars, or for new program development.
  • The evaluation data is particularly useful in identifying what type of learning students prefer and the qualitative takeaways from viewing the workshop.
  • Some of our partners use the data to connect with their student information system, like Banner or Peoplesoft. 
  • I think a great way to get started on how you want to use the data is to ask yourself some questions:
    1. How will I know if StudentLingo was successful?
    2. What do I hope students will gain from access to StudentLingo?
    3. What data is important for me to know in order to show that StudentLingo is a worthwhile purchase?
What is TutorLingo?

TutorLingo is a series of 9 online training modules that prepare tutors by providing the basic skills necessary to support their peers in becoming more independent and strategic learners.

Should the TutorLingo trainings be viewed in any particular order?

No, each training is a stand-alone workshop, and they can be viewed in any order.

What is the CRLA?

The CRLA is a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring. In 1989, the CRLA created a training program that is considered ‘best-practice’ for tutor training. A fews years ago, Innovative Educators partnered with the CRLA to create supplementary training modules. Our training supports learning centers in achieving level 1 certification through CRLA.

Do CRLA members receive a discount on TutorLingo?

Yes. CRLA members receive a 10% discount on TutorLingo.

Is there an admin view?

Yes. The admin view is an upgrade and costs $500, but gives you the ability to access completion data more efficiently and in real time. If you don’t want the admin view, we provide monthly usage reports.

What is ParentLingo?

ParentLingo is a go-to resource that institutions can easily share with parents to encourage student independence, growth & success. ParentLingo is a shared resource that recognizes and includes parents as partners in the educational process.

What is the cost?

Please contact us for pricing information.  Email or 303-955-0415.

What features are included?

Standard package:

  • 8 Targeted Modules For Parents Branding (Logo On Every Page)
  • ADA Compliant & Responsive Design
  • Promotional Materials
  • Registration (First Name, Last Name, Email)

Premier Package:

  • 8 Targeted Modules For Parents Branding (Logo On Every Page)
  • ADA Compliant & Responsive Design
  • Promotional Materials
  • Completion Reports & Standard Evaluations
  • Custom Branding (Logo & Institutional Photos)
  • 3 Additional Registration Points
  • Add & Edit Custom Content
  • Customizable Evaluations & Surveys Advanced Reporting
  • Designated Instructional Designer
  • Flexible Pricing (College Payment Option Or Parents Pay Directly)