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Friday 5: Things To Ponder This Week In Higher Ed 12/03/21

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    What Omicron Could Mean for Colleges

    The latest variant of COVID, Omicron, emerged this week in the United States. Omicron is thought to be more transmissible, leading college officials to examine how they can respond now. Some institutions are re-implementing prevention measures like masking. The American College Health Association COVID-19 task force recommends institutions that have the capacity to do so conduct genome sequencing to identify the Omicron variant from other strands of COVID. In addition, they encourage school leaders to communicate with students, faculty and staff that they are aware of Omicron and are monitoring the situation carefully. 


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      The number of students completing degrees in the humanities has dropped again. Since 2012, the drop in graduates is somewhere between 16 percent and 29 percent with more students opting to major in engineering, health and other career-oriented fields. Factors impacting a downturn in humanities degrees may include the rising costs of tuition, placement out of humanities requirements through AP and dual enrollment courses, and a decline in reading habits.

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    Inside Higher Ed reports this week on the continued downturn in completion rates of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There has also been a decline in the number of Pell Grants awarded this academic year. The Office of Federal Student Aid will continue to monitor application numbers closely looking for trends.

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    This week Education Dive examines new programs at four community colleges designed to support single mothers in completing a college degree or credential.  Only 8% of single mothers complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree within six years of enrolling. The Education Design Lab, a nonprofit organization focused on education and the workforce, is helping Central New Mexico Community College, Delgado Community College, Ivy Tech Community College and Monroe Community College to increase single mothers’ degree attainment by 30%. Colleges can help single mothers succeed by providing them with basic needs support, including access to childcare, building inclusive environments on campus and giving them flexible educational experiences. Education Design Lab also encourages institutions to track students who are parents to better address their unique learning needs.

Author: Meg Foster
December 3, 2021
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