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The 5 P's of Final Exam Prep: How To Help Your Students Succeed

Supporting students through final exams is stressful any year but especially this year with the addition of COVID-19. How can you help your students tackle final exams and finish the term successfully? 

The 5 P’s of final exam preparation provides students a framework to work efficiently and effectively to prepare for and complete their exams. With each step, students will review content, become more confident, and learn helpful study strategies they can use in future semesters!

The 5 P’s of Final Exam Preparation:

#1 Plan: Get ready to review! Gather all the class content (reading material, notes, past tests and quizzes) and gather your supplies (notecards, highlighters, pens, paper, calculator, favorite snacks).  Create a plan for your study time.

#2 Prepare: Ask your professor what content the exam will cover and what kinds of questions will be asked. Would some tutoring sessions or group study time help ensure you understand key concepts? 

#3: Perform: Condense lecture notes and key terms onto notecards to use as flashcards and carry those with you to make the most of breaks to review. Are there concepts you need to memorize?  Performing mnemonics can help ensure you stick learning into your memory.

#4: Practice: Using past quizzes or tests, create practice tests for yourself. Or, teach someone else the material you’ve learned. If they understand it, then you’ve comprehended the class content!

#5: Peace of Mind: As you prepare for the testing time, take deep breaths and use positive self-talk to remind yourself that you have prepared well for this test, and you are ready to share your knowledge with your professor.

The 5 P’s of final exam preparation will help your students feel confident as they complete this term. It is a study and review framework they can revisit for future tests. 

Listen to this short video from learning expert Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire for more tips to help your students find success on their final exams, and learn more about StudentLingo!


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