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10 College Enrollment Stats for 2020-2021

Student Enrollment Takeaways

Institutions rely heavily on revenues from tuition and fees, and so potential shifts in enrollment trends are concerning to college and university leaders. As institutions examine the lasting impact of COVID on admissions, what steps can they take to be prepared for emerging shifts in enrollment? Industry experts cite the need for increased personalization in the admissions experience for both students and their support systems - parents and family. Here are five things institutions can incorporate into their admissions cycle to proactively address the changing landscape of student enrollment.

  1. Focus on communication - create a clear plan for how prospective and admitted students will receive communication across multiple platforms. Explore using Tik Tok or other social media platforms to engage potential students.
  2. Be sure to include families and/or parents in those communication plans.
  3. Get current students involved in connecting with prospective students - expand past traditional roles like tour guide and engage current students to create admissions content.
  4. Be thoughtful about messaging and engaging adult learners who are the fastest growing student demographic in colleges and universities. What might appeal to an 18-20 year old student may not be the best approach for a 30 year old student.
  5. Community colleges should prioritize community outreach and connections to market programs and opportunities.

 10 college enrollment stats for 2020-2021

→ Download Now: Infographic - 10 College Enrollment Stats for 2020-2021

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