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On-Demand Tutor Training Videos

What is TutorLingo?

TutorLingo is a series of on-demand videos and valuable resources focused on supporting the tutor training process. In partnership with CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association), Innovative Educators produced nine engaging videos as a practical online, on-demand tool to support your tutor training needs. Research shows that tutees benefit from working with tutors who are better trained and prepared for sessions. By including these videos in your tutor training program, your tutors will receive training from national experts in the field of learning assistance. Additionally, this video series will be extremely beneficial to your institution if you are pursuing ITTPC certificate through CRLA, as each video below addresses one or more training topics for CRLA ITTPC.

What trainings are available?

  • A Toolbox For The Novice Tutor
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • How To Tutor Writing
  • Learning Theory
  • The Nature Of Helping Relationships
  • The Role Of The Tutor
  • Tutee Study Skills: Note-Taking, Reading & Testing Strategies
  • Tutoring Students From Diverse Backgrounds
  • Understanding Self-Regulatory Behaviors
  • TutorLingo Trainings meet CRLA Level 1 Requirements ( click here for crosswalk)

    Why TutorLingo?

    • Do you have tutors who cannot attend on-campus trainings because they are in class, working, or studying?
    • Do your staffing needs require you to hire and train tutors throughout the year?
    • Do the demands of your role limit the time you can spend doing real-time training of tutors?
    • Do you ever wonder if your tutors would benefit from training that's accessible 24/7?
    • Do you struggle designing training modules when the content falls out of your area of expertise?
    • Have you had a difficult time finding an alternative delivery medium besides videotapes and DVDs?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, TutorLingo will benefit your tutor training program. These on-demand videos will better prepare your tutors to serve students as well as save you time and money.

    Benefits of TutorLingo

    • Accessible: Tutors and tutor trainers can access the site 24/7 from the classroom, home, or office.
    • Cost-Effective: Videos serve all tutors for one low price and are a resource for tutor trainers, faculty, and staff.
    • Engaging: Tutors complete online activities that challenge them to think critically about the topic.
    • Online Resources: Trainers have 24/7 access to post-workshop discussion questions, activities, and resources.
    • Reporting Capabilities: Trainers will receive monthly reports so you can effectively track tutor participation.

    Who will benefit from TutorLingo?

    • Tutors
    • Tutees
    • Learning Assistance Support Centers
    • Learning Center Coordinators
    • Academic Support Centers
    • Tutoring Coordinators
    • Writing Center Coordinators
    • Tutor Trainers
    • Professionals in the learning assistance field

    How does TutorLingo work?

    It's easy! After you purchase access to TutorLingo, you will receive a customized link. This grants your institution unlimited access to all TutorLingo videos for one year. Forward it, post it to your website, and/or send it to your tutors. In addition, tutor trainers will have access to discussion questions, activities, and resources.

    Note: Your subscription to TutorLingo is valid for one full year from the date of purchase.

    How do I order TutorLingo?

    Innovative Educators accepts Purchase Orders, Checks or Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard). Choose from the options below and follow the registration instructions. We will contact you after we receive your order.

    Pricing Options Download TutorLingo Pricing

    Email us or call 303.955.0415 to purchase any of the following packages.

    • Standard Package - $995 (9 Videos)
    • Premier Package - $1495 (9 Videos)