Retaining, Motivating and Inspiring Today's Students: How To Do It With Eight Words

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Wednesday, April 15th - 1:00-3:00 EDT
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One of the biggest challenges for faculty and staff is student retention. How do we keep students in school? The answer is motivation. Students drop out when they’re not motivated, especially in the first semester. Therefore, educators are always looking for tools that inspire and engage students. Eight Words is a tool you can use to increase student motivation and retention, and ultimately improve student success and persistence. It is a valuable, easy to use process designed to get students fired up and motivated about the learning process, their education and their future.

Part One: The Eight Words that get students motivated

The story of the Eight Words began one day on a plane when a teenage girl asked Richard St. John “What really leads to success?” To answer her question, he spent 10 years interviewing 500 of the world’s most successful people. After analyzing the data, he boiled the secrets of success down to Eight Words. In the first part of the webinar, Richard will take participants through the Eight Words, share results of his research, and show why these Eight Words cause students to feel motivated and ultimately stay in school.

Part Two: Bringing the Eight Words to students

The second part of this workshop focuses on instruction, as instructors have the most face to face time with students and are experts in the classroom. Using faculty as a resource, Richard St. John partnered with Don Fraser to create exercises, guides, and videos to help run workshops for educators. They developed these elements and ran dozens of test workshops at colleges. Consistently, the Eight Words moved students from a mindset of confusion, doubt, anxiety, and fear, to an outlook of possibilities, confidence, engagement, and learning. And it doesn’t take weeks or months to achieve. In 60 minutes, students become more motivated, inspired, and engaged, all of which leads to improved retention. In the second half of the webinar, Don Fraser will share his experience and show how instructors can use the Eight Words to increase motivation and retention in their own classrooms.

“It touches the hearts and minds of students and helps them realize they can be successful.”
Dr. Richard Neyens, College America

" It has helped me get through the first semester of college and will forever change the way I work and go about achieving my success."
Rita Randelle Davis, student, George Brown College


“You want students to be grabbed by something and this will grab them.”
Eric Teoro, Professor, Lincoln Christian College

“It was the best presentation I’ve ever seen! I learned useful ways to achieve, rather than moping around the house, telling my mother I don’t care about school.”
Thiuya, student, George Brown College




Participants will learn how to…


  • Get students more motivated, inspired, enthusiastic, and engaged – and do it in 60 minutes.
  • Give students good reasons to persist and stay in school, especially when they’re struggling.
  • Take them from a mindset of confusion, doubt, anxiety, and fear, to an outlook of possibilities, confidence, engagement, and learning.
  • Help students make a better connection between the classroom and success in the real world.
  • Use dynamic, interactive exercises that bring about high performance change.
  • Empower faculty by giving them the necessary information to impact student motivation and retention in the classroom and in life.



Who Should Attend?

  • Presidents
  • Provosts
  • Faculty
  • Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs
  • Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, Chief Financial Officers
  • VP for Enrollment Management
  • Dean/Director of Admissions, Executives, Deans of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Staff and Students who play a key role in recruiting, retaining and graduating students at public and private two and four year institutions 



Who are the speakers?



Richard St. John is a success analyst, author, and speaker. He founded a successful marketing communications company and has won top awards, including an IABC Gold Quill, the highest award in business communications. His second career began when a teenage girl on a plane asked him "What really leads to success?" To answer her question he spent 10 years personally interviewing 500 successful people, from Bill Gates and Martha Stewart, to the Google founders and DNA co-discoverer James Watson. After analyzing the data, St. John determined the top eight factors for success in any field. His first book "Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and RICH" was an Amazon Top 50 Bestseller. The follow-up "8 To Be Great" delivers the same content in a more affordable book for students. He has presented numerous times at the renowned TED conference in California. His talk “Secrets of Success in 8 Words, 3 Minutes” is rated one of the most inspirational talks on the website; the Success Professor ranks it in his Top 5 Great TED Talks; it is the #1 video resource on the Weekly Innovations website.


Don Fraser is one of North America's leading authorities on student success and retention. A professor at Durham College for the past 30 years, Don publishes the national bestseller Making Your Mark that has sold over one million copies. Don has delivered student motivation and retention seminars to over 17,000 college staff at various conferences and at over 300 colleges. Don has done a great deal of research on student success and retention and received a NISOD award for this work and has developed a retention model - The Right Start to College - that has been adopted by many colleges and universities across North America.




Quotes from previous participants



I gained a better understanding of what motivates students and what I can do as an instructor to stay on track.
Liza Mohanty, Olive Harvey College

Excellent. You need to keep this going. Students of all ages will benefit.”
Dave Faldasz, California College

I’ll use what I learned today to motivate my students. Keep up the good work.”
Diana Jackson, Harold Washington College

Especially helpful to hear this can work in a real environment– with faculty, institutional restrictions–and how to link college with the rest of students’ lives.


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What is a webinar?
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  • Is there a recording available?  Approximately one week after the conclusion of the webinar, you will receive a link to the recording which is yours indefinitely and can be forwarded to all faculty and staff at your institution for viewing anytime, anywhere. 
  • What equipment is required? An Internet connection, computer speakers and LCD projector if a large group is present.   
What are the benefits of a webinar?   
  • Cost-Effective:  No travel required.  Webinars are an innovative way to provide your entire faculty and staff with a variety of professional development opportunities for one low price!  The more you train – the more you save, as the registration fee is per institution, not per person.
  • Easy:  You will receive a detailed list of instructions via email a week prior to the event.  And if you run into any problems, we’re always here to help.
  • Interactive:  Chat online with presenters, participate in online polling questions, discuss specific situations with your colleagues, and receive implementation strategies for your campus (included when appropriate).  You can even join a discussion group to continue the discussion with the presenter and webinar participants.  Join discussion groups at
  • Practical:  Our training sessions focus on the most critical and relevant issues facing educators today.  Our primary goal is to provide participants with the information, training and skills necessary to immediately implement positive change at their institutions.
  • Top-Notch Speakers:  Our speakers are subject matter experts and recognized in their field.  
  • No Expiration:  When you purchase a webinar, you also receive access to the recording for one year.   You can use it wherever and as often as you want, offering consistent training to all of your hires.

How will we use these trainings? 


  • Flexible Training: 
    • Live:  Promote and attend a live webinar and debrief immediately following.
    • Hybrid:  Distribute a recording to all faculty and staff at the beginning of each month and plan a discussion session at the end of the month to determine how you will implement the strategies presented.
    • On-Demand:  Distribute a recording to faculty and staff so they can watch anytime, anywhere.  Contact Innovative Educators at, and we will create an online discussion group specifically for your institution at no extra charge.

  • In-Service Training:  Plan an in-service around a live webinar or schedule a day and time to show the recording in a lecture hall or large conference room and invite faculty and staff to attend – brainstorm and discuss implications for your college.
  • Staff Recognition:  Develop a program around the webinar with monthly themes and recognize the staff members that implement the best idea related to the theme.
  • Team-Building:  Utilize these webinars to develop cross-functional and cross-discipline teams to foster collegiality.
  • New Employee Training:  Include these webinars and the free recording as part of your new employee training program to ensure consistency. 
  • Implementation and Follow-Up:  Use the guide and evaluation materials provided by Innovative Educators to plan, implement, and track your progress.