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Web Authoring Principles For Focused And Effective Content

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On-Demand Training: Web Authoring Principles For Focused And Effective Content
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In today's web world of user expectation, every page on your web site must catch the attention of the visitor. Anybody can visit any Web page at any time, making it almost impossible for you to dictate the message. With search engines becoming the starting point for so many Web sessions, your content must also be relevant enough to be found in the first place. Without focused, timely, and relevant content, you may lose the opportunity to answer their questions and move them forward in the relationship. 


During this session, we will cover:

  • Core principles of an effective web page. Why is page layout and content sequence important? Find ways to focus visitors to page-level content and move through the site effectively.
  • Content relationships that serve your audiences. "Next Step Navigation" is the principle of driving site visitors to relevant actions and information after they accomplish their goals. On every page, you should understand the purpose, the audience, and what you want them to do next. We will walk through examples and techniques for authors to determine how to push audiences through the relationship.  
  • Elements to improve search relevance.  An ongoing statistic has been that half of all Web users are searchers, rather than navigators. And with Google being the #1 visited Web site, so many visitors find you not by your URL, but by a search results page. Also, how would you rate your site search tool? Oftentimes, it is not the technology, but rather the quality of content in relation to  search terms.  We will break down page elements as they relate to search algorithms, as well as  cover tips and tricks for authors to make their pages more search-friendly.

Who should attend?

  • Vice Presidents and Deans 
  • Communication Directors
  • Webmaster
  • Web Editor
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • College stakeholders involved in adoption of technology on-campus
  • Anyone with stake in site ROI or authoring
  • Anyone interested in improving your institution's website

    Who is the speaker? 

    Eric Hodgson

    Hodgson has served in higher education for the past decade helping colleges use their Web site to advance marketing and communications initiatives. As a consultant the past four years with Stamats, a higher education marketing firm, and Estrada, a content management provider, Hodgson has helped colleges and universities implement content management as a philosophy across the institution, identify Web goals and direction as a long-term plan, including budgeting, and improve content through writing workshops and author identification

    Prior to consulting, Hodgson built college and university Web sites, including architecture, feature specification, template development, testing, content development, and staff training.

    Constantly on the road, Hodgson speaks at several higher education conferences, including CASE, ACT, eduWeb, and regional advancement and Web organizations. He sits on the eduWeb Conference Advisory Board and regulary contributes to their blogas a guest author. He also manages the Fuzzy Content blogwith other higher education professionals.


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