Podcasting Part 2: Developing Student Engagement Through Podcasting To Reach Students

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On-Demand Training: Podcasting Part 2:  Developing Student Engagement Through Podcasting To Reach Students
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Some recent articles have suggested that podcasting may not be an appropriate tool in higher education. However, in reviewing the content, one will find the focus has been on the “broadcasting of lectures” for students. At Georgia College & State University where the first iPod initiative in higher education was started in 2002, there was a challenge in demonstrating the iPod was more than a little boombox. Today, those in higher education must move beyond the lecture to an environment of student engagement.


In Part 2 of the series, participants will hear ways that podcasting can be used to enhance the educational experience beyond the classroom and lecture.


Participants will be able to:
  • Describe materials used to enhance the learning experience
  • Describe activities that engage the student in knowledge production
  • Develop ideas for campus implementation

Who should attend?

  • All higher education academic and student support faculty & staff

Who is the speaker? 

  • Jim Wolfgang, Director of the Digital Innovation Group @ Georgia College (Host)


Jim Wolfgang has retired as the Chief Information Officer at Georgia College & State University, Georgia's Designated Public Liberal Arts University. He is now the Director of the Digital Innovation Group @ Georgia College.


More than 37 years of "experience" in higher education have included roles as faculty, chair, Assistant Dean of the School of Education and Associate Vice President for Distance Education. An active member of the University System of Georgia, Jim has been involved in numerous Information Technology and Instructional Technology initiatives and committees. Through his association with corporate partners, GCSU and the University System of Georgia have been involved in establishing many new ways of using technology to “Improve the Quality of Life.”


In addition to the iPod initiative, one of GCSU's most successful projects was delivering a full MPA graduate degree via 2 way interactive videoconferencing to the men and women of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier anywhere in the world during the Gulf War.


Jim completed his Ed.D. in Health Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


  • Frank Lowney, Senior External Projects Director, Web Enabled Resource, Georgia College & State University


Dr. Frank Lowney is currently Manager of Web Enabled Resources, as well as Professor of Educational Foundations in the School of Education, at Georgia College & State University. He resides in Gray, Georgia where he and his wife Olga pursue a variety of interests including antiques, gardening, computer graphics and multimedia.


Frank began the GC EduNET Project, an online K-12 outreach project, in 1988 and has been active in exploring how Internet protocols might be used to pursue educational objectives ever since. In his current position, Frank works with faculty, staff and students as well as external agencies to develop, maintain and find ever more innovative uses for a room full of computers dedicated to the production and deployment of both standard and experimental educational applications.


Further information about Web Enabled Services may be found at:


Detailed information on Frank's background may be found at:



  • Faculty, staff and students from Georgia College & State University and other leading universities.

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