Developmental Students: Using Hybrid Coursework to Improve Electronic Literacy

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Developmental Students: Using Hybrid Coursework to Improve Electronic Literacy
On-Demand Training


Literacy is more than reading and writing via paper in our post-modern age. Developmental students - underprepared or misprepared - need strategies for navigating and using screen-based mediums as much as they need to learn how to handle traditional print. Using blended learning in classes that meet both face-to-face and online, we can help nontraditional students enter the world of academic discourse, as well as engage them by utilizing current technologies.


  • Understand how and why blended learning can be more effective than f-t-f or online alone.
  • Connect current literacy theory - interaction and transaction - to electronic modes of communication (email, discussion boards, word processing)
  • Learn how to convert a f-t-f class or workshop to the blended model
  • Brainstorm ideas for utilizing electronic sources in teaching literacy concepts: email as genre, using sources on the Internet in teaching how not to plagiarize; discussion boards as reflective learning communities, and more.

Who should attend?

  • Developmental educators at the instructional and supervisory levels.
  • Learning assistance professionals.

Who is the speaker?

Linda Sweeney, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, has been teaching developmental courses for 15 years. At National-Louis University, she directs one of the few graduate programs in the U.S. that prepares students to teach developmental reading or writing, or to supervise and coordinate learning assistance centers. Linda’s research has been centered on literacy and alternative texts, which include media forms such as movies and television shows, as well as the wide open electronic spaces of the Internet.

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How will we use these trainings?

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