Focusing on Prevention: Campus Safety Series for Community Colleges

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Focusing on Prevention:
Campus Safety Series for Community Colleges

Podcast - Focusing on Prevention: Campus Safety Series for Community Colleges

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Finding Funding for Campus Safety Programs and Projects

This webinar will focus on strategies for finding grant funding opportunities for college projects, equipment and programs that support and improve campus safety. Participants will learn about locating funding opportunities, strategies for applying for grants and how to determine which opportunities are realistic for their needs.

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If you are like most educators, you would much rather spend your valuable time and resources on preventative measures to keep your campus safe and ready for an emergency than on responding to crisis situations. Innovative Educators has teamed up with California Community College administrators who are focusing on prevention at their institutions and has developed a 4-part informative series specifically for community colleges centered around planning ahead to prevent situations and how to disseminate that information campus-wide.

Webinar 1:

Discipline Issues and Student Disruptions: Strategies for Prevention, Documenting and Reporting

This session is directed to student services managers and focuses on how to put preventative measures into place by training faculty and staff with tools for managing disruptive students- whether in the classroom or in a support service environment.
by Patricia Hyland, MA, Foothill College
Webinar 2:

How to Build and Train a Behavioral Assessment Team

Preventing a tragedy is a top priority at any college. Using a trained Behavioral Assessment Team provides centralized referrals and communication, consistent policies and procedures and appropriate interventions when dealing with unusual or threatening student behavior.

by Kate Mueller, EdD, Orange Coast College

Webinar 3:

Training Faculty & Staff: Implementing Your Emergency Plan through Awareness

So often there is resistance and disinterest in understanding and participating in training for campus emergency response. This webinar will provide specific strategies to engage faculty and staff in participating in safety planning and implementation, preventative strategies and a culture of civility.

by Kate Mueller, EdD, Orange Coast College

Webinar 4:

Strengthening Facility Safety: Threat Assessment and Managing Risk

This session will outline strategies for assessing your facilities to determine what can be retrofitted or changed to make them safer during a crisis.

by Denise Swett, EdD, Foothill College

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