No More Monkeys: Time Management for Burnt-Out Administrators

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No More Monkeys: Time Management for Burnt-Out Administrators
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“These committees to attend, papers to revise, staff meetings to lead, and emails to answer are your monkeys—dirty, hairy squawking monkeys on your back, wrapping their arms and tails around you and squeezing all the fun out of your day.
You’ve got to get the monkeys off your back!
~ M.E. McWilliams
Webinar Presenter
Do you find that you have more “not done’s” than “did’s” at the end of the day? Do students and staff seem to think that you have a sign on your head that reads, “Tell me all your problems because I have nothing else to do today?” How many times do you fall asleep in bed cuddling a laptop as you seek to “get caught up”? We teach our students how to manage time, but who will teach us? Most higher-education administrators have far too much to do, making the challenge even greater to maintain balance and avoid burnout. Unfortunately, one cannot make or save time. It is what it is. This workshop will share what great managers do to maximize the most of the time they have.

Participants will learn:
  • Why the busy people just get busier
  • Why being the fireman leads to burn out
  • How smart people can make better use of smart phones
  • How to start and complete the one task that you really, really hate
  • How to separate the want-to&’s from the have-to’s
  • How to delegate and not re-do everything you delegated
  • How to run an action-oriented staff meeting
  • How to organize all the digital bits of your life

Who should attend?
Administrators in higher education 

Who is the speaker?
M.E. McWilliams directs an award winning learning center at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. The Academic Assistance and Resource Center (AARC) has earned Distinguished Certification from the National Association of Developmental Education and the Star Award from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for closing the gaps in higher education. Last year the AARC reported 170 peer tutors and 63,000 visits.

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