Developmental Education: How to Create an Effective Training Program for Faculty

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Developmental Education: 
How to Create an Effective Training Program for Faculty

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“Whether a first year or post graduate student, we are all developmental in some aspect of our learning.”
~ Rick Stepp-Bolling
Webinar Presenter
Mt. San Antonio College’s Developmental Education Faculty Certification Program was awarded The California Board of Governors Exemplary Program Award.  Created in 2002, the program focuses on professional development to educate and inform faculty about the developmental education needs of students on campus. Since its inception, 100 faculty members (full-time and part-time) have taken part in the program. 

Join us to learn how you and your colleagues can create a similar program on your campus. Participants will learn how to create a training program for developmental education faculty that promotes cognitive, social, emotional and professional growth of all individuals and is sensitive to individual differences and special needs.

This webinar will describe the three module program that has helped faculty at Mt. San Antonio College better understand and implement the concept of developmental education. The first module introduces the faculty to brain compatible learning theory and its application in the classroom. The second module describes project/problem based learning, classroom assessment and the infusion of study techniques into the curriculum. The third module looks at learning communities and how they increase retention and tie into brain research.

Participants will:
  • Learn how to develop a developmental education program that can be used at their colleges and with their faculty
  • Discuss the necessary steps that must be included in order to develop a program that is sensitive to individual differences and special needs
  • Explore ways to introduce faculty to brain compatible learning theory
  • Identify strategies to help faculty apply the concepts of brain compatible learning theory in the classroom
  • Discuss project/problem based learning and classroom assessment 
  • Learn how to infuse effective study techniques into the curriculum
  • Learn how Mt. San Antonio College uses learning communities to make learning relevant and to increase retention
Who should attend?
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Deans of Instruction
  • Administrators
  • Staff development coordinators
  • Developmental education/basic skills coordinators and faculty
  • Anyone interested in creating a learner-centered classroom

Who is the speaker?
Rick Stepp-Bolling, co-author of the Developmental Education Faculty Certification Program, taught Study Techniques, Writing, and Reading at Mt. San Antonio College for 33 years in the Learning Assistance Center. He has taught the DE Modules for the last eight years and has presented Brain-Compatible Learning Theory at numerous colleges throughout California. Rick has a Masters degree in both English and Reading and has recently published a book of poetry.

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