Implementing A Successful Developmental Program Model

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Implementing A Successful Developmental Program Model
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This webinar will focus on what research literature tells us concerning conditions for student retention and the connections between retention and enrollment management. The presenter will provide an analysis of conditions that must exist for the implementation of a successful developmental program including key components for developmental programs and a brief description of centralized and decentralized models for developmental programs (advantages and disadvantages of each). The presenter will describe the comprehensive decentralized model at West Chester University, explain the assessment practices for the developmental program at WCU and indentify strategies for adaptation of this model to other institutions.

Participants will learn to:
  1. Identify key conditions for student retention in college.
  2. Establish connections between enrollment management/retention goals and developmental program processes and practices.
  3. Analyze the components of a successful decentralized developmental program model.
  4. Identify ways to assess impact of developmental programs on retention.
  5. Apply information learned at the workshop to develop strategies for utilization at their own institutions, such as analysis and development of retention goals for special cohorts, identification of components already in place at their institution that can be integrated into a developmental program model, and development of criteria for assessing program performance.

Who Should Attend?
Administrators and developmental program directors/coordinators who would like to learn about options for implementing programs to assist underprepared, first-generation and/or low income students succeed in college.

Who Is The Speaker?
Dr. Idna Corbett, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services, West Chester University of PA. Dr. Corbett has worked with West Chester University’s Academic Development Program for close to two decades. West Chester’s program is winner of the “Best in State” award from the Pennsylvania Association of Developmental Educators (PADE), and winner of the “Best in Nation” award from the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE). Dr. Corbett received PADE’s “Award in Recognition of Outstanding Support to Developmental Education by a College Administrator” in 2009. She is also the chair of West Chester’s Student Success/Retention Committee and a member of the Enrollment Management Committee.

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