Providing Appropriate & Targeted Feedback to Today’s College Student

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Providing Appropriate & Targeted Feedback to Todayís College Student
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“I find the studentís biggest concerns center around trying to do it all, be the perfect undergrad or graduate student, perfect employee in a tight economy, and perfect spouse and/or parent. This incredible stress takes its toll on their lives and relationships. Understanding how to help them achieve balance makes for a better student and future alumni.”
~ Perry Francis
In our age of high stakes learning, testing, and employment, being able to offer effective feedback that supports student achievement is an essential part of any instructorís or administratorís toolbox. This presentation will focus on how to provide todayís college students with appropriate feedback that motivates student engagement while creating an atmosphere of respect and taking responsibility for oneís own learning. We will review the current research on motivation, the proper use of praise and criticism, and how to best use positive & negative reinforcement to support learning.

Participants will:
  • Identify the characteristics of effective feedback
  • How to effectively give negative feedback without building resistance from students
  • How to structure feedback so students remembers the information
  • How to use the principles of motivational interviewing in your feedback to encourage student learning
  • Creating targeted feedback that builds self-confidence and promotes greater cooperation in the classroom or workplace

Who should attend?
Adjunct and regular faculty, student affairs professionals, college administrators who work primarily with students in a supervisory capacity

Who is the speaker?
Dr. Perry C. Francis is part of the faculty at Eastern Michigan University in the Department of Leadership & Counseling where he serves as a professor of counseling and the coordinator of counseling services for the College of Education Clinical Suite. The clinic is a training facility for advanced level graduate counseling students where they see clients from the community, student body of EMU, and referrals from the county mental health center. Perry has been in higher education for 18 years working as a campus pastor, mental health counselor, and college professor.

He is a member of the American College Counseling Association (ACCA) and has served on the leadership team as a Board Member-at-Large and as the President and has been recently elected to the governing board of the American Counseling Association. Perry is an authorized trainer for the Suicide Prevention Resource Centerís curriculum on the Assessing & Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for University & College Mental Health Providers and for the Center for Aggression Managementís curriculum on Aggression Management. He is also a trained in Critical Incidence Stress Management.

He has presented on numerous topics including: managing the college classroom, dealing with disruptive students, building student resiliency, supporting non-traditional students, working with returning veterans on the college campus, and dealing with pushy parents. Perry is also a frequent presenter on issues important to the counseling professional including: ethics in supervision, ethical issues facing college counselors, and suicide prevention at conferences in the United States and Canada. He has also written numerous journal articles and book chapters including the chapter Professional Student Affairs Practitioners: History, Models, And Trends, in Joining the Counseling Profession: Developing Your Identity as a Professional Counselor and Counseling Issues of College Students and Religion & Spirituality In Counseling, in the Professional Counselorís Desk Reference.

Dr. Francis earned his degree in counselor education at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). Before completing his degree, Perry was a Lutheran parish pastor and a campus pastor. He also served as an interim staff psychologist at the UNC Counseling Center.

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