Veteran Resource Centers - How They Will Impact Your Campus and Your Community

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Veteran Resource Centers - How They Will Impact Your Campus and Your Community
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  • Veteran Resource Centers - How They Will Impact Your Campus and Your Community

  • “Once you show the community the potential impact they can have on the veterans in their region - they will be your eyes and ears and financial backers for your VRC.”
    ~ Dr. John Schupp

    This webinar will show how to create a Veteran Resource Center (VRC) on your campus. We will show you how to staff it, how to get your local veteran community to help run it, and most importantly, how to fund it. We will show the financial and Human impact that these centers have had on campuses and communities. We will provide data for over 11,000 student veterans on over 30 campuses as to what variables impact enrollment, and the level of impact a Veteran Resource Center has had on these campuses.

    Participants will:
    • Participants will learn the first steps as to how to get the community involved - and how to get the community to help with the funding.
    • Will be provided with step by step instructions on how to involve your local chamber of commerce and have them work for you on this endeavor.
    • Will be provided with a list of the Veteran support agencies that are available in your region. These are the people that will help staff the VRC and bring more veterans to your campus.

    Who Should Attend?
    Local Chamber of Commerce members, churches, Campus outreach personnel, campus admissions and enrollment directors and campus financial executives.

    Who Are The Speakers?
    Dr. John Schupp founded the SERV Program, a two-semester program at Cleveland State University designed just for veterans. These two semesters are just what the veterans needed to increase the freshmen retention graduation rates. Under his direction, the program helps veterans apply for GI bill benefits and offers veterans-only classes that help ease the transition back into the classroom for many veterans who have not been in a classroom for years. He works with the veterans to navigate VA issues and offers a veteran-to-veteran mentoring program. The Sunday New York Times, the National Public radio, all the armed forces media, and the Chronicle of Higher Education have taken an interest in SERV. John Schupp loses no chance to spread the word at conferences and conventions around the country, as he continues to remind us of our responsibility to those who've served.

    Roger P. Buck is a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a Doctoral Addictions Counselor and a retired U.S. Navy Veteran. He earned a Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Development Services from Kent State University in August 1998, an M.Ed. in Community Counseling from Georgia State University in March 1984, and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Toledo in June 1975. Dr. Buck has extensive advanced training and research in human responses to Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He also has extensive experience as a counselor, teacher, consultant and administrator spanning a twenty five year career.

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