Improving the Odds for a GI Grad - That Critical 1st Year

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Improving the Odds for a GI Grad - That Critical 1st Year
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“There are over 2.2 Million women and men who have full ride scholarships to your public Institution – discover ways to recruit and retain these scholarship winners.”
~ Dr. John Schupp


This webinar will show the audience what the critical factors are to improve the chances for graduation of your student veteran. From the civilians to the campus environment. What impacts retention rates, grad rates and drop out rates. We will list specific items that your campus can do to help your student veteran with that critical first year, and what you should do to prevent student veteran drop outs. Complete with statistical trends over 3 semesters for over 11,000 student veterans on campuses right now, analysis of 8 campus variables for both Universities and Community Colleges and their impact on overall enrollment.

Participants will learn:
  • What classes veterans will excel in that first year, and which ones they will most likely struggle with.
  • Overall GPA&rsquo:s of 1st and 2nd year student veterans with positive and not so positive campus environments.
  • Full-time or part-time, what works best for the student veteran.
  • Why your student veteran is more likely to graduate from your campus than a civilian, if given the right environment.
  • What the list of majors that most veterans are seeking right now.

Who Should Attend?
Gen Ed professors, registrars, campus web page designers, certifying officials, student veteran group leaders, Deans and Department Chairmen.

Who Is The Speaker?
Dr. John Schupp, creator and National Director of the SERV (Supportive Education for the Returning Veteran) program. Winner of the 2011 Zachary Fischer Humanitarian of the Year from the Dept of Defense. Dr. Schupp founded the SERV Program, a two-semester program at Cleveland State University designed just for veterans. These two semesters are just what the veterans needed to increase the freshmen retention graduation rates. Under his direction, the program helps veterans apply for GI bill benefits and offers veterans-only classes that help ease the transition back into the classroom for many veterans who have not been in a classroom for years. He works with the veterans to navigate VA issues and offers a veteran-to-veteran mentoring program. The Sunday New York Times, the National Publicradio, all the armed forces media, and the Chronicle of Higher Education have taken an interest in SERV. John Schupp loses no chance to spread the word at conferences and conventions around the country, as he continues to remind us of our responsibility to those who've served.

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