Responsive Grantwriting: What Grantmakers Really Want to Know

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Responsive Grantwriting:
What Grantmakers Really Want to Know

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    “Grant proposals can be a powerful tool to aid in not only fundraising, but also organizational capacity building. Are your proposals rising to that challenge?”
    ~ Lisa Cirincione


    Many foundations use similar guidelines for grant applicants to follow. While these common questions save grantwriters time, do the answers convey what grantmakers really want to know in order to determine which grants to award? This Webinar will explore the trends related to what funders want to know about their applicants and how this aligns with common grant applications, using Colorado as a case study. Seventeen representatives of Colorado’s nonprofit and grantmaking communities joined together to revise the statewide common application and report form over a two-year period from 2006 to 2008. Over 250 nonprofits organizations and grantmakers provided feedback to the drafting committee throughout the process. Before this revision, Colorado’s application was very similar to those currently used in other states. In order to help grantwriters understand what funders are really looking for and how to make the best case for their organization, this Webinar will examine the reasons Colorado grantmakers changed the common application.

    This Webinar will benefit attendees by teaching them techniques to develop strong grant applications that anticipate the kinds of information that grantmakers need. Participants will benefit by shifting their perception of grants as simply a fundraising tool, and learn how they can use grantwriting as a vehicle for organizational planning and assessment. The session will also help grantwriters spark conversations with their board, leadership and other staff members to position their organization to win grants.


    Participants will learn:
    • The kind of information grantmakers really want to learn about as they review your grant proposal
    • Tips for writing the most compelling responses to commonly asked questions.

    Who should attend?

    Intended for any grantwriter who wants to learn about what foundation program officers are interested in learning about as they read grant proposals.

    Who is the speaker?

    Lisa Cirincione has extensive experience writing both federal and foundation grant proposals—raising over $52 million dollars for her clients. Lisa loves to share this knowledge with other grantwriters, and she regularly facilitates trainings on grantwriting. This year, she presented at the Grant Professionals Association conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. She brings to these trainings the extensive knowledge she gained working with funders on the statewide committee that revised the Colorado Common Grant Application in 2008 and as a grant reviewer and technical assistance provider for a grantmaker. In 2009, Lisa conducted 13 trainings—including a Webinar series on grantwriting—teaching over 200 people how to write successful grant proposals.

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