Critical Thinking & The First Year: Pedagogy, Challenges and Assessment

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Critical Thinking & The First Year:
Pedagogy, Challenges and Assessment

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“Our students valued learning how to read, to think critically, and to ask good questions at a satisfaction level of 85%, and they showed an 57% improvement in their scores.”
~ Dr. Sharon Buzzard
Webinar Presenter
The Association for Colleges and Universities has designated critical thinking as a “high impact” skill for the successful college student, and moreover, employers too name it as the quality most sought after in the graduates they hire. Because we live in a world where information is easily attained from a plethora of easily accessed sources, it is learning how to think well about that information that indicates an agile and adaptable mind, one that can go beyond the sometimes rigid boundaries of a particular disciplinary major.

This session will open with a discussion about critical thinking—how it is defined and who gets to define it—and will outline the challenges in such an endeavor. A second segment will then move into an applied example—how critical thinking was implemented into the curriculum of a first-year program and pedagogy planned for the teachers. Examples of actual classroom materials will be showcased. A third segment will explain and illustrate how assessment data was gathered and reviewed. The success of the endeavor will be demonstrated through statistical evidence as well as student course evaluations. A final segment will demonstrate how the critical thinking model was applied in across the curriculum so that students have transferrable skills - useful in all classes as well as in life-long learning.

Participants will:
  1. Engage in an audience centered webinar that will offer detailed explanation and illustration of the process of curricular review and redesign
  2. Review materials used in critical thinking assessment
  3. Reflect on ways that critical thinking strategies might be included in a variety of classroom activities
  4. Understand the overall rationale for teaching broad thinking skills in all classes
  5. Consider the challenges of implementation of critical thinking as a central teaching model
  6. Respond critically to the session's content and consider how to implement critical thinking into their subject areas
Who should attend?
  1. Faculty (those interested in first-year programs or in critical thinking instruction)
  2. Department Chairs
  3. Deans of Instruction
  4. Professional development staff
  5. Administrators who oversee assessment of student outcomes
  6. Curriculum coordinators

Who is the speaker?
Dr. Sharon Buzzard currently teaches in an interdisciplinary writing program at the University of Missouri. For three years, she directed the first-year program, called University Experience, at Western Kentucky University (WKU). Before that she was an Associate Professor of English at Quincy University in Quincy, Illinois. Her broad-based institutional experiences include program and departmental administration as well as involvement with accreditation processes and articulation agreements. During her time at Quincy University, she chaired a general education team that was charged to review a curriculum that was over 20 years old. Parts of that successful redesign included the creation of innovative first-year and senior-year programs, a writing-enhanced emphasis across the curriculum, and upper-level requirements in global studies and ethics. Dr. Buzzard has attended a wide variety of workshops on assessment and curriculum review sponsored by the Higher Learning Commission and the Association of American Colleges and Universities. She has spoken at a variety of national conferences to explain the success of the critical thinking endeavor at Western Kentucky University. Dr. Buzzard, with her colleagues, authored a text for the WKU first-year program called A Critical Thinkers’ Guide to Success at WKU (Hayden-McNeill, 2010). In it students learn to apply critical thinking skills to subjects like career choices, to library skills, and civic engagement. Dr. Buzzard is a talented public speaker who engages well with all audiences.

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