Supporting the Engagement, Learning and Success of Students At-Risk

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Supporting the Engagement, Learning and Success of Students At-Risk
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(This is a two part series)

This intensive three hour workshop (two 90 minute sessions) will identify the characteristics, challenges and strengths of students whose backgrounds and experiences often put them at greater risk for not achieving their full potential and/or for leaving college. Participants will also consider how students at-risk often confront multiple challenges due to overlapping issues (e.g., first generation AND first-year; Multicultural, Underprepared, and LGBT).

At-risk cohorts covered in these sessions include:
  • Adult/re-entry
  • First generation/Low SES
  • Students of color/Multicultural students
  • Students with disabilities
  • Student-athletes
  • First-year students
  • LGBT students
  • Transfer students

Participants will:
  • Learn how individual faculty members, academic advisors, counselors and other educators can support students at-risk
  • Review effective skills, attitudes, and strategies that can enhance student success
  • Examine which existing departments need to collaborate effectively in order to increase the achievement and success of students at-risk
  • Consider what new programs, services, or other interventions might be needed to support students at-risk

Who should attend?
  • Faculty
  • Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs
  • Vice Presidents of Student Affairs
  • VP for Enrollment Management
  • Dean/Director of Admissions
  • Deans of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Student Success Staff
  • Retention Specialists
  • Student Development Retention Coordinators
  • Academic Advisors
  • Directors of Enrollment Services
  • Directors of Student Development Services

Who is the speaker?
Thomas Brown -- a lifelong student and academic affairs educator with an impressive record of effectiveness in creating academic and student affairs programs that promote increased learning, achievement, and success. Tom served as Dean of Advising Services/Special Programs at Saint Mary’s College of California, was a member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of the National Academic Advising Association, and was chairperson of the Prelaw Advisors National Council.

Tom is currently Managing Principal of a consulting network that assists campuses with increasing student success, building inclusive communities, and managing change ( He also writes an occasional column, The Advising Dean, for The St. Helena Star newspaper in California’s Napa Valley (

  • His work is based on an integration of theories, research findings, and practical experience that makes a real difference for individuals and institutions.

  • A consultant to more than 350 colleges and universities in the US and abroad.

  • Regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses at national conferences, campus colloquia, and professional development workshops for faculty and staff.

  • Nationally recognized author and expert in retention, academic advising, promoting the success of at-risk students, international education, and diversity/inclusivity training.

  • Recent publications include: “Critical Concepts in Academic Advising” in The Academic Advising Handbook, Jossey Bass, 2008; “Preparing Providers to Foster Student Success”, in Fostering Student Success in the Campus Community, 2008; “Advising Students of Color”, in Academic Advising for Student Success and Retention, 1997, 2004.

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