Service Learning Course Development: Developing Real Community Partnerships that Work

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Service Learning Course Development:
Developing Real Community Partnerships that Work

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“For over 10 years, I have been helping faculty members and community leaders to work together to benefit both students and the people they serve.  By working with hundreds of professors and community leaders, I’ve learned a great deal about appropriate goal setting, what works, needed infrastructure, and how to anticipate and avoid pitfalls. This session will give practical information to move from concept to practice.”
~ Maureen Shubow Rubin
Webinar Presenter
This course will help service-learning faculty to prepare for and design collaborative community partnerships that will help students achieve desired learning outcomes while maximizing their service to the community. 

Participants will learn how to:
  1. Design and implement courses that set realistic goals and have all required elements in place to meet them
  2. Prepare for the initial meeting with community partners
  3. Collaborate with community partners to arrive at mutually agreeable and beneficial goals
  4. Get continual feedback and create on-going communication that will spot problems immediately and lead to an agreeable resolution
  5. Understand appropriate roles, responsibilities and expectations for everyone involved
Who should attend?
Both faculty who are new to the service-learning experience and faculty who want to bring all the elements of a successful class into sharper focus can benefit from the webinar.  Service-learning administrators and new and existing community partners will also benefit.  Participants in the Spring 2009 Webinar on Service Learning Basics can also build on their initial session.

Who is the speaker?
Maureen Shubow Rubin was appointed Associate Dean of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication at California State University, Northridge in 2010.  She served as Director of Undergraduate Studies from 2006 to 2010. Prior to this position, since 1998 she served as founding director of the Center for Community-Service Learning where she helped to develop and secure funding for over 300 new service-learning classes. She has written and implemented successful grant proposals to help students on her campus participate in projects centered on gang prevention, school readiness, computer literacy, self-help legal assistance, and bringing English and citizenship skills to immigrant elders, among others. An experienced faculty trainer and peer mentor, she has published widely about service-learning pedagogy, civic engagement, community collaboration and effective outreach. In 2001, she was awarded the Richard E. Cone Award from California Campus Compact for excellence and leadership in cultivating community partnerships in higher education.

Rubin joined the University in 1984 as a professor of journalism where she specialized in teaching law, public relations and media ethics, all of which have been subjects of numerous articles she wrote for both scholarly journals and mainstream media. In 1993, she was voted Outstanding Journalism Educator in the State of California by the California Newspaper Publishers Association. Prior to joining the university, Rubin was Director of Public Information for President Carter’s Special Assistant for Consumer Affairs in the White House, and held similar positions for a U.S. Congresswoman and Consumer Federation of America. Rubin is a graduate of the Catholic University School of Law In Washington, D.C., holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Relations from University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Boston University.

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