Helping UnderPrepared Students Succeed: How to Influence Student Engagement, Learning and Persistence

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Helping UnderPrepared Students Succeed:
How to Influence Student Engagement, Learning and Persistence

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  • Helping UnderPrepared Students Succeed: How to Influence Student Engagement, Learning and Persistence
  • Identifying and Reaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Creating Success in the College Classroom
  • Implementing A Successful Developmental Program Model
  • Developmental Education: How to Create an Effective Training Program for Faculty
  • Designing Learning Communities for Developmental Students

  • Overview

    This session will describe the challenges that students who are underprepared confront in their quest to move in, move through, and move on successfully from college. It will examine issues of under-preparedness and how being “underprepared” is often the result of multiple factors, such as being first-generation, from a low socio-economic background, and being undecided. It will also consider how students‘ being underprepared combines with institutional characteristics to influence student engagement, learning, and persistence. While understanding student qualities and characteristics that place them at risk for not succeeding in college is essential, it is equally important to define the individual and collective roles and responsibilities that institutions and individuals play to create campus environments wherein students are more likely to achieve their goals.

    The session will identify the emotional, cognitive, and behavior barriers that hinder student learning, engagement, and success. Finally, it will offer the 0-100% Teaching, Learning, and Advising method as a strategy that can enable educators and students to share the responsibility for learning and student development in college.


    In addition to being provided with a wide range of information regarding factors contributing to students being underprepared for college, participants will be provided with strategies that will allow them to:

    • Understand the characteristics, challenges, and strengths of students who are academically, socially, or psychologically underprepared for college level work.
    • Develop and utilize appropriate individual and programmatic interventions based on theory and effective practices that can transform underprepared students into “High Potential” students.
    • Assist faculty, staff and students to shift attributions from ability to background as a critical element in student success.
    • Assist students to shift from being ego involved to becoming task involved.
    • Assist students and faculty to employ the 0-100% Teaching and Advising Method as a means for promoting greater student responsibility for learning.
    Who Should Attend?

    Instructional faculty

    Educators working to support student engagement, learning, and success beyond the classroom
      • counselors
      • academic advisors
      • coaches
      • administrators
      • resident hall staff
    Who is the speaker?

    Thomas Brown -- a lifelong student and academic affairs educator with an impressive record of effectiveness in creating academic and student affairs programs that promote increased learning, achievement, and success. Tom served as Dean of Advising Services/Special Program at Saint Mary’s College of California, where he developed and implemented the High Potential Program, a highly effective initiative that provided access and support to students who were from first-generation, low socio-economic, and historically under-represented minority backgrounds that put them at greater risk for dropping out of college.

    Tom Brown served as Vice-President of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), and he has presented extensively on this topic as a consultant to numerous two- and four-year campuses, as well as having delivered keynote addresses, workshops, and concurrent sessions at a wide range of professional conferences (e.g., Noel Levitz, FYE, NACADA).

    Tom is currently Managing Principal of a consulting network that assists campuses to increase student success, build inclusive communities, and manage change ( His work is based on an integration of theories, research findings, and practical experience that makes a real difference for individuals and institutions.

    His recent publications include:

    • “Critical Concepts in Advisor Training and Development”, in The Academic Advising Handbook, Jossey Bass, 2008;
    • “Preparing Providers to Foster Student Success”, in Fostering Student Success in the Campus Community, Jossey-Bass, 2007 (co-authored with Lee Ward);
    • “From Diversity to Inclusivity”, in Foundations: A Reader for New College Students, Wadsworth, 2010.
    • Fulfilling the Promise of the Community College: Increasing First year Student Success (co-editor, forthcoming spring 2011)

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