Veteran Students: Creating a Trauma Informed and Military Friendly Campus

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Veteran Students: Creating a Trauma Informed and Military Friendly Campus
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“People who experience traumatic life events are permanently changed however they do not have to be permanently damaged.”
~ Webinar Presenter

1st Hour of Webinar: This Webinar will introduce the complex anatomy of the common human responses to traumatic events. It will then identify the specific predictable Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral and Spiritual (P.C.E.B.S.) symptoms that occur, and the potential “triggers” that may intensify or exacerbate those symptoms for those individuals who have experienced traumatic events. There will be an emphasis on teaching participants what it means to be “trauma informed” and how having this awareness will help in providing empathic, effective and efficient services to those individuals with trauma life experiences.

2nd Hour of Webinar: This second part of the Webinar will focus on military trauma specific issues. There may be special psychological as well as other support needs that some military veterans will benefit from. By becoming trauma informed and creating a military friendly culture your college and/or university will be better prepared to help veterans in their transition and help to ensure their academic success.

Participants will learn what factors in the individual and in the environment causes traumatic stress reactions. Traumatic stress may result in resilient and positive growth or may cause an individual to react with additional stress and possible disorder. The factors involved in effective vs. ineffective adjustment will be explored for the participants to consider. Participants will learn several specific “triggers” that cause exacerbation/increase of symptoms among traumatized individuals. It is important that participants develop an awareness and sensitivity to what these triggers are and to recognize how to avoid or limit these triggers in their environment of responsibility. Becoming “trauma informed” is a significant goal of this presentation and the variables that are involved in understanding this concept will be provided. The specific issues and supports that military veterans with traumatic experiences may need to be addressed will also be a major focus. Several recommendations will be suggested as well as many other resources provided that will enable participants to create a “military friendly”ť culture/environment, while simultaneously considering the traumatic reactions that could sabotage academic success for these veterans.

Who should attend?
This webinar is appropriate for all individuals who provide direct services to students. Clinicians will benefit from the clinical aspects to consider while treating students who have had traumatic life experiences. Administrators and staff who recognize and can understand the impact that trauma has on individuals by being “trauma informed” will be better prepared to provide services with empathy and understanding. Student groups and clubs will also benefit from this information by better understanding the transition process that traumatized and military veterans are experiencing.

Who is the speaker?
Roger P. Buck., Ph.D. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Doctoral Addictions Counselor., Retired U.S. Navy Veteran. Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Development Services, Kent State University, August 1998., M.Ed. in Community Counseling, Georgia State University, March, 1984., B.A. in Psychology, University of Toledo, June 1975. Extensive advanced training and research in human responses to Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Extensive experience as counselor, teacher, consultant and administrator spanning a twenty five year career.

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