How To Reduce Test Anxiety

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Do you think you’re ready for your first college exam, test, or quiz? This interactive session will provide you with proven test-taking strategies. The workshop is divided into two parts. Part one will address test anxiety - what it is, how it affects you and what you can do to overcome it. The presenter will discuss practical strategies for examining the source of your difficulty and dealing with it in an effective manner.

The second part will explain how you can prepare to take multiple choice tests. Many students believe that multiple choice tests will be easier than other types of tests but this is not the case. You will learn how multiple choice tests are typically created and how to apply specific test-taking strategies based on the style of the question.

Students will learn:
  • The nature of test anxiety
  • How it affects the body and cognition
  • How to use some simple strategies to settle down the body and keep the brain online
Students will also learn to:
  • Identify different types of multiple choice questions
  • Apply test taking strategies based upon question styles
  • Improve performance on multiple choice exams

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