Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major

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On-Demand Student Success Workshops
While some students know exactly what they want to do when they graduate, a majority of college students (especially first-year) are at a loss when it comes to picking a major, much less a future career. This webinar provides you opportunities to assess your interests, skills, and talents and to then understand how your unique characteristics relate to careers.
Students will learn:
  • More about their unique skills, interests, and talents through self-assessment
  • Where to find resources to explore careers; including informational interviews, career trends, and online research
  • How to set short and long term career related goals and will be encouraged to follow up on at least 1 short term goal within 1 week of watching webinar
  • The importance of internships to gain experience and explore career opportunities; students will be given
  • How to locate and pursue internships
  • The connection between choosing a major and a career

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