Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism

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For professors who assign writing, one of the biggest problems they face is that their students plagiarize, either purposely or inadvertently. However, avoiding plagiarism isn’t difficult, once you understand the basic rules of academic writing. This workshop will help you better understand what plagiarism is, and what you can do to avoid plagiarizing when you have a written assignment. In this session, you will learn what it means to quote, summarize and paraphrase appropriately, what types of information must be cited, and how citation systems work. By better understanding professor expectations in terms of using outside sources, you will be more confident using these sources in your own writing.
Students will learn:
  • Definition of plagiarism and what types of information must be cited
  • Common student behaviors that lead to plagiarism
  • Time management behaviors and organizational behaviors that can help students avoid plagiarizing
  • How to quote, paraphrase and summarize without plagiarizing
  • Citation requirements for common documentation styles

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