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What It Takes To Be A Successful Student

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On-Demand Student Success Workshops
Research suggests that students who build strong relationships with their professors and utilize campus resources report a more satisfying college experience and are more likely to succeed academically (Light, 2001). This interactive session will challenge you to think about the relationship with your institution as a friendship. Like the beginning of most new friendships, you are likely facing some unknowns; however, you do not have to face these uncertainties alone. “Making friends” with campus resources, departments, professors, and programs that support students inside and outside the classroom will help you take charge of academic uncertainties and the feelings that go along with them. This workshop will help you strengthen your relationship with your professors and your institution, and confront those academic uncertainties.
Students will learn:
  • Their role in the learning process
  • How to clarify professor expectations
  • Their responsibilities as a member of the campus community
  • The role they play in the learning process
  • Ways in which to establish an effective relationship with campus with their institution
  • Attitudes and habits that contribute to academic success and achievement

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