Identifying And Reaching Unprepared Students: Strategies For Creating Success In The College Classroom

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Many students enter college unaware of the expectations and unprepared for the academic rigors of college. Their initial enthusiasm and excitement is often replaced in a matter of weeks by varying degrees of discouragement. For many students, this first year of college is the “make or break” year. A national research study found that almost half of first-time students who leave their initial institutions by the end of the first year do not return to higher education. Identifying and engaging with these students is crucial to their persistence. Participants in this session will learn teaching strategies and techniques for engaging unprepared students, allowing them a better chance at success in the college classroom.
Participants will be able to:
  • recognize characteristics and/or behaviors of unprepared students
  • describe best practices to engage learners
  • identify techniques that can be incorporated into their classes that will lead to student success
Who should attend?
  • Faculty (all categories - adjunct, full time, tenure track, lecturers)
  • Graduate teaching assistants
  • Directors of support programs
  • Department chairs
  • Instructional Deans
  • College educators who are interested in teaching and learning and student success

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