Conducting Difficult Conversations With Students: How Faculty And Staff Can Change A Negative Into A Positive

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Conducting Difficult Conversations With Students:
How Faculty And Staff Can Change A Negative Into A Positive

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“In this session, you will learn the skills you need to be successful in delivering difficult messages and conducting difficult conversations with others. The strategies presented in this session are practical and straight-forward and can immediately be put to use in your setting. This information has helped thousands feel comfortable and confident in this difficult area.”
~ Dr. John Eller
Webinar Presenter
Instructors and student services professionals decided to work in higher education in order to make a positive contribution to the lives of learners. In most cases, students work hard and are productive in their efforts to achieve success.

In some cases, however, students have difficulty staying focused, get into trouble, fail to achieve success, skip class, become disruptive, and exhibit other distracting behaviors both in and out of the classroom. When students get off track, we may need to meet with them and talk with them about their issues. Because these conversations may be negative, they are called “difficult conversations”. In many situations, difficult conversations can take a negative turn and turn into a confrontational tone or cause the student to discount your feedback and make the situation much worse than it was at the start of the process. However, a difficult conversation that is effectively delivered can actually cause a positive reaction by the student and become a turning point in their educational career. What makes the difference? Do you know how to successfully deliver a difficult conversation?

In this seminar faculty and student services staff will learn the essential strategies and behaviors that will help them successfully conduct difficult conversations with college students and make a positive contribution to their lives.

Participants will:
  • Understand the key skills needed to conduct difficult conversations with college students
  • Gain the skills to clearly describe the issue or problem
  • Remain calm and focused when delivering the difficult conversation and when being confronted by the receiver of the difficult conversation
  • Implement self-protection strategies to work through the emotions normally associated with delivering difficult conversations
  • Use a template to successfully plan and deliver difficult conversations when necessary
  • Apply follow-up strategies to ensure that the issues discussed in the difficult conversation are implemented by the student
  • Use strategies to ensure the student understands what needs to be improved

Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Dean of Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Student Services Staff:
    • Admissions
    • Advising & Counseling
    • Disabilities Services
    • Financial Aid
    • Recruiters
    • Residence Life
    • Retention Specialist
    • Student Life
    • Veteran Services
  • Campus Staff
    • Campus Safety
    • Developmental Education
    • Diversity
    • First Year Experience
    • Learning Centers
    • Tutoring

Who is the speaker?
Dr. John Eller has had a variety of experiences in working with adults over the years he has been in education. His experiences include serving as the director for a new doctoral program in Educational Leadership at St. Cloud State University. Coordinating the Principal Preparation Program at Virginia Tech University in the Washington DC area and working with leaders in their doctoral program there. Service as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.Serving as the Director of the Southwest Iowa Principalsí Academy. Serving as an assistant superintendent for curriculum, learning, and staff development. Working as a school principal in various communities in Iowa and Illinois.

For his contributions to education, John Eller was honored at the Principal of the Year in Iowa in 1994 and a National Distinguished Principal with the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the US Department of Education.

He has his PhD. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Loyola University-Chicago and his MS in Educational Leadership from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Dr. Eller has authored the following books:

Working with Difficult and Resistant Staff, through Solution Tree Publishers.

Effective Group Facilitation in Education: How to Energize Meetings and Manage Difficult Groups, and co-authored So Now Youíre the Superintendent, Creative Strategies to Transform School Culture, Working with and Evaluating Difficult School Employees and the best selling, Energizing Staff Meetings, all though Corwin Press.

John works with schools and school leaders in the areas of dealing with difficult people, building professional learning communities, employee evaluation, conferencing skills, coaching skills, strategic planning strategies, school improvement planning and implementation, differentiated instruction, leadership for differentiation, employee recruitment, selection, and induction, supervisory skills, and effective teaching strategies.

Eller has also co-authored the training curriculum for the Federal Aviation Administrationís Conflict Coaching model. This model is currently being implemented to help managers effectively deal with conflict and negativity in the agency. John Eller has also served as a Conflict Coach and an Executive Coach for the FAA and the AO US Courts agencies. He has conducted strategic planning and team building sessions for the Army National Guard and the FAA.

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