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Three Generations, One Classroom: Using Generational Theory To Understand & Motivate Your Students
Three Generations, One Classroom:  Using Generational Theory To Understand and Motivate Your Students
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Today’s university classroom is not filled exclusively with traditional-age students. Instead, instructors are likely to encounter traditional, adult, and returning students spanning an age range from 17 to 67 years of age. To effectively reach the three main generations you might encounter – Baby Boom, GenX, and Millennial – you must understand who they are, how their generation shaped their motivations and expectations, and how to use this knowledge to communicate class material.

Participants will learn basic generational theory and how it applies to teaching the most common generations in the classroom: Baby Boom, GenX, and Millennial. They will also explore ways to motivate each generation in the classroom, taking into account the specific challenges and distractions that each group will most likely exhibit.
  • Understand generational theory as it relates to the three main generations in higher education
  • Describe the different historical factors that influence each generation
  • Understand why each generation may be in school
  • Explore ways of motivating each generation in the classroom
  • Discover what challenges and distractions may impede each generation’s learning
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Student Affairs
  • Online Learning

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