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Preventing Faculty & Staff Burnout: Helping Employees Recognize & Minimize Stress

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Campus shootings, retention efforts, end-of-year reports, caseload quota, the drive for positive customer services — sometimes, it can all be too much. When these situations pile up and the office attitude takes a turn for the worse, what are staff and faculty to do? How do you approach the “stress problem” before it impacts productivity and morale?

Some signs that your staff and faculty might be experiencing burnout:

Many continue to call in sick and display a ‘less than motivated’ attitude upon return.

Department productivity drops and any mention of new projects or ‘working harder’ is met with groans and frustrations.

Your depressing department morale would shock most visitors, even Eeyore. It is filled with negative energy, sarcasm, and cynicism.

It used to be a great place to work, but the staff is so overwhelmed with the workload that no one is happy or energized.

Sound familiar? This program will provide clear, research-based advice to better address feelings of stress, burnout, negative energy, and general feelings of exhaustion that impact an office, department, or group of faculty. The presenter will draw from positive psychology, flow theory, and research on the effects of stress and burnout to help staff and faculty find a new love for their work and come away recharged.
  • Develop an understanding of the signs and symptoms of stress and burnout and learn ways to better cope and manage these problems
  • Understand the components of positive psychology and learn to apply these to their daily work
  • Review how supervisors can address staff burnout and stress reactions as they happen
  • Learn to use flow theory and develop a better tolerance for failure (or delayed success) in their daily workload
  • Review several motivational approaches to reinvigorating employees and returning them to a more optimistic view of work
  • Learn crisis management and ways to deal with critical reactions as they manifest (e.g. blowing up in staff meetings, yelling at students, slamming doors, hitting desks)
  • Be given several preventative strategies to address staff burnout before it happens (through support, setting appropriate boundaries, use of downtime, empathy training, cycle breathing)
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Vice President Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Dean of Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full-time and part-time)
  • Human Resources

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