Stinky Cheese: How To Manage Conflict Among Coworkers
Stinky Cheese: How To Manage Conflict Among Coworkers
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What is stinky cheese? It is on-the-job conflict caused by drama mammas, ring masters, backstabbers, slugs, hall monitors, and other undesirables. Recognize any of these types where you work? As Sarte said, “Hell is other people.” If you work with people—whether it is in a factory or a marbled administrative building—you will face inevitable conflict. You cannot avoid it. If you are a director, supervisor, or chair, your job is in large part to diffuse the stinky cheese among your staff. Maybe you have been too aggressive in your confrontations. Maybe you have been passive and avoided them altogether. Either way, your team stands to suffer from low productivity and high stress until you learn the benefits of “Cutting the Cheese.”

This webinar will present effective and memorable strategies for “Cutting the Cheese.” Participants will share action plans for addressing specific conflicts at work. They will also be encouraged to think in terms of what isn’t working, what is working, and what might work better in the future.

Participants will learn strategies for “Cutting the Cheese”:
  • Start with I
  • Give good face
  • Do the power-pause
  • Speak with a pass-the-butter voice
  • Swim from positive to negative
  • No buts
  • Hold back
  • Let them talk themselves out
  • Restate and find the hole
  • Eat some compromise pie
  • Be the broken record
  • Pod weekly
  • Create a culture of civility
Who should attend?
  • Administrators
  • Deans
  • Department Chairs
  • Directors
  • Faculty who supervise others (lead faculty, faculty chairs, etc.)
  • Human Resources
  • Anyone who deals with conflict among coworkers

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