Communicating In Crisis: How & When To Inform Parents & Family Members
Communicating In Crisis: How and When To Inform Parents and Family Members
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With so many serious campus incidents in the news, from assaults and shootings to natural disasters, higher education administrators are formulating plans on how to communicate, respond, and reach out specifically to parents and families during a campus crisis. This program will present two case studies and, during one scenario, invite the participants to formulate their responses to each stage of a crisis. The presenters will also report on the results of their survey of 33 institutions of higher education about how they communicate with parents during a crisis. The purpose of this session is to present best practices in the area of crisis communication with parents, based on literature review as well as real-life experiences of higher education parent program professionals.
  • Learn to relate the benchmark elements of successful communication with parents and family members during a campus crisis
  • Be able to determine what constitutes a good communication plan
  • Discover which practices work well and which don’t, from the perspective of two parent program professionals
  • Learn about the interdepartmental partnerships that are necessary for building a successful communication plan
Who should attend?
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Communications Department
  • Webmaster
  • Staff of the office of parent and family programs/services
  • Any other offices on campus (such as orientation, student services, etc.) serving college parents and families

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