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Tackling The Persistence Of Online Academic Dishonesty
Tackling The Persistence Of Online Academic Dishonesty
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Cheating and plagiarism in higher education continue to be persistent challenges. In the June 3, 2012 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeffery Young explained the challenges technology has added to the problem of academic dishonesty, not only in the classroom but also in the rapidly increasing venue of online learning. Given the expanded strategies for cheating that make it easier to cheat than to learn, how can educators possibly tackle such a pervasive problem?

This webinar will identify types of academic dishonesty, as well as strategies that can help decrease incidences of this destructive trend in online learning. Participants will take away a clear picture of the learner’s inclination to violate academic codes of ethical behavior and how these can be limited with careful design, implementation strategies, and ongoing monitoring.

Participants will be able to:
  • Understand reasons students engage in academic dishonesty
  • Identify types of academic dishonesty that occur in online courses
  • Utilize strategies that can decrease incidences of academic dishonesty
  • Reduce rates of academic dishonesty in online learning environments
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Deans of Instruction
  • Deans of Student Affairs
  • Department Chairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time; online and on campus)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Learning Center Staff
  • Online Learning
  • Instructional Designers
  • Student Life

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