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Institutional Pride & Its Effects On Retention & Persistence
Institutional Pride and Its Effects On Retention and Persistence

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When you think of school spirit on a college campus, any number of vivid images come to mind—an electric pep rally, a colorful homecoming parade, a crowded football game, an impassioned student rally. Exhibitions of school spirit take many forms and are often very positive experiences for the student body. These moments offer powerful opportunities for both students and staff to connect over their love for their school. This in turn creates loyal partnerships, a strong determinant of retention and persistence.

Not every college campus has a strong spirit, however. If apathy is affecting retention and persistence, it is important to take a look at the benefits of school spirit and institutional pride and begin to offer opportunities for growth in these areas. This requires a campus-wide approach.

This webinar will give participants a solid case for increasing school spirit on their campuses. Looking closely at the perspective of top stakeholders in their institutions, we will explore the connection between institutional pride and academic engagement inside and outside of the classroom. We will also discuss specific ways to create an institution-wide process that puts a strong emphasis on school spirit.
  • Be prepared to explain how school spirit impacts retention and persistence on college campuses
  • Understand the relationship between school spirit and academic engagement inside the classroom
  • Discuss the benefits of student engagement outside of the classroom
  • Identify the most important stakeholders for improving school spirit and how they can be engaged in an institution-wide process to increase school pride
Who should attend?
  • 2-year & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Outreach & Recruitment Staff
  • Retention Specialist
  • Student Life
  • Any educator interested in student retention and persistence