Training Part-Time Faculty: How To Create An Online Teacher Training Course

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Part-time faculty bring tremendous benefits to institutions of higher learning. They offer a cost-effective solution to institutional budget cuts and are often leaders in their field. But how do you train part-time faculty for success in teaching? How do you meet their needs and offer support that does not offset or hinder their intrinsic value to your institution?

This webinar will present an online course developed specifically for training part-time faculty at community colleges. Participants will leave with the tools needed to launch an online course that will cover training concepts such as: the history and role of community colleges, governance and organizational structures, accreditation process, support services, copyright law and how it pertains to syllabus creation, adult learning theories, and various teaching and learning styles. We will also discuss the teaching-learning-assessing-reflecting cycle and how to best relay its importance to part-time instructors. The importance of building a sense of community and responding to faculty’s technology gaps will also be covered. The training course materials presented during this webinar can be adapted and implemented at other institutions.
  • Review a successful online training course for part-time faculty at community colleges
  • Leave with the tools needed to launch an online course at their institution
  • Explore strategies to build a sense of community in an online environment
  • Be able to explain the history, role, and importance of community colleges
  • Understand the definition and role of a community college instructor
  • Discuss why understanding curriculum and copyright law is necessary for faculty constructing a course syllabus
  • Discuss previously held concepts about community college students, adult learning theories, and teaching and learning styles
  • Analyze the teaching-learning-assessing-reflecting cycle and explain the importance and purpose of evaluating student learning as well as different methods to measure academic achievement
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Department Chairs
  • Online Learning Administrators
  • Any educator interested in developing an instructor training program

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