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Innovative Strategies To Prevent Cheating & Enhance Learning In The Classroom
Innovative Strategies To Prevent Cheating and Enhance Learning In The Classroom
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Cheating is not a new idea. Since the dawn of the classroom environment, students have found reason to cheat. Yet, in today’s hyper-competitive environment, students are under increasing pressure to earn high grades in their classes as a mark of success and an indicator of a bright future. This pressure increases the motivation to bend the rules, game the system, or tap inappropriate resources to earn that coveted high grade. Cheating prevention is not only about catching the student after the fact, but it is also about creating an environment that promotes trust, encourages honesty, and builds positive relationships between the instructor and the students.

This webinar will briefly review the reasons behind the problem of cheating and offer practical information and tips to enhance learning, encourage honesty, and prevent negative behaviors. Beginning with how to create a respectful learning environment, Dr. Francis will present information that is being used across the country to benefit students and help instructors monitor progress and preserve the integrity of the course across different learning platforms.
  • Explore the reasons for cheating and how the current hyper-competitive environment supports cheating
  • Learn about the must-have syllabus statements that help support honesty
  • Acquire relationship-building techniques that encourage open communication
  • Discover innovative assessment tools that discourage cheating
  • Identify creative tools to not only detect cheating if it occurs, but also to enhance learning
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time)

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