Supporting Undocumented Students: How To Increase College Access, Retention & Success
Supporting Undocumented Students: How To Increase College Access, Retention & Success
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With 65,000 undocumented students graduating from U.S. high schools each year, and numbers entering college sure to increase due to lower tuition costs and financial aid support, it is time for in-depth discussions about how to best serve and support this population. There are many levels of support needed to help guide these students through college—recruitment, application assistance, financial aid help, orientation programs, and ongoing academic and community support are important pieces of the success puzzle.

This webinar will cover best practices for supporting undocumented students through every step of the college, post-graduate, and employment process. These practices are based on 10 years of research and implementation and have effectively increased the college access and retention of undocumented immigrant students. Participants will learn how to help these students make good decisions about college choice, financial support, as well as graduate school and professional opportunities. They will also realize the importance of building a supportive network of peers and adults that will help and encourage these students throughout their educational career. The presenter will address myths about college attendance, immigration, and educational rights for undocumented immigrants and review current state and federal policies that impact their future.

  • Review the state and federal education and immigration policies that impact college access for undocumented students
  • Learn how to best assist undocumented students as they apply for college admission
  • Discover new ways to help undocumented students make decisions about where to attend college
  • Understand how to help undocumented students raise the funds they need to support their college education
  • Gain ideas for developing a network of supportive peers and adults that can assist undocumented students as they persist through college
  • Discuss ways to help undocumented students access graduate school and employment opportunities
Who should attend?
  • 2-year & 4-year institutions
  • Directors of Diversity
  • Admissions Directors & Staff
  • Faculty
  • Directors of Minority Recruitment
  • Outreach & Recruitment Staff
  • College & Financial Aid Advisors
  • Enrollment Management Administrators & Staff
  • College Registrars
  • Marketing & Communications Professionals
  • Student Services/Affairs Administrators & Staff
  • Financial Aid Directors & Staff

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