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With increasingly limited resources and high demands from students, faculty, and staff, institutions are finding it difficult to provide effective support services. Spend the day with colleagues exploring a wide range of technology solutions focused on supporting student success, teaching and learning, career and workforce programs and professional development. Learn firsthand how inventive technology-based solutions can reduce staff overload, engage students, support innovative instruction, promote career opportunities and supplement services impacted by budgetary reductions. Presenters will focus on how to utilize technology to improve student support and staff development, so that you can do more with less.
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Resources by presenter:

Geri Anderson
  • Immersive & Game-Based Learning: Bringing the Classroom into the 21st Century
  • The College & Career Navigator: A Community College/Workforce Center Partnership

Roberto Angulo (AfterCollege)
  • Student Insights: Breaking Through the Noise

Ahrash Bissell (Monterey Institute for Technology & Education)

Mark Brodsky (Adapt Courseware)

Luanne Canestro (American Student Assistance)
  • SALT: A Collaborative Approach to Financial Education

Gerry Hanley (MERLOT)
  • Affordable Learning Solutions: A Taste of MERLOT Can Save Students Money and Support Their Learning

Valerie Kisiel (Innovative Educators)
  • Providing Professional Development 24/7: Restructuring How We Deliver Training

David Lloyd (Intelliresponse)
  • What’s on Their Minds, Using Technology to Uncover the True Voice of the Student
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Steven McGriff (MERIT)
  • Transforming Teacher Professional Development with MERIT

Thomas McKechney (Credentials Solutions)

Kristen Seldon (Innovative Educators)
  • 24/7 Student Support: Providing Online Services To Today’s Students

Michael Shouldice
  • How To Use Web Tools & Social Media to Support Recruitment and Retention Efforts
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Elizabeth Slavitt (Kahn Academy)
  • Khan Academy’s Vision for the Future
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