High Touch Pedagogy: Strategies For Improving Online Student Engagement & Learning Outcomes

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Assessments in educational programs typically provide students with measures that include answer selection, information recall, and the completion of faculty generated or standardized tests. While these types of traditional assessment have a role in learning, authentic assessment, learning simulation, and student-generated content enable students to actualize and apply acquired knowledge and skills to real-life scenarios.

This session will discuss how high touch pedagogy, andragogy, neuroplasticity, and assessment can increase student engagement, persistence, and prepare graduates for advanced studies, career placement, advancement, and transition. The session will also share innovative strategies for transforming ordinary individual and group assessments into dynamic engaging assessments to meet course objectives and learning outcomes. Additionally, the session will discuss Alternative Instructional Equivalency as it relates to the federal regulations, the new credit hour policy and accreditation. Participants will be able to see actual before and after comparisons and demonstrations of several online and blended courses that now utilize authentic assessment, learning simulation, and student generated content in nationally award-winning programs.
  • Define and differentiate high touch pedagogy, andragogy, neuroplasticity, authentic assessment, learning simulation, and student-generated content
  • Discuss strategies for transforming traditional course content into highly interactive content that engages students in the teaching and learning process
  • Reflect on their own courses and modify content and/or assignments as needed to integrate high touch pedagogical strategies into weekly course materials
  • Align course development, course materials, and assessment with federal regulations, the new credit hour policy and accreditation
  • Recommend innovative teaching and learning strategies to colleagues that align with course objectives and meet program outcomes
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Retention Specialist
  • Accreditation Officers
  • Directors of Assessment
  • Developmental Educators
  • Learning Centers
  • Online Learning
  • Tutoring

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