Supporting Adult Students: How To Build Traditional College Services Around Non-Traditional Needs
Supporting Adult Students:  How To Build Traditional College Services Around Non-Traditional Needs
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We all know that returning to college later in life, even if just a few years later, can make students feel awkward, underprepared, or generally frustrated. In order to help this population persist and succeed upon their reentry, colleges and universities must recognize and support their unique needs and lifestyles. This webinar will address ways student affairs staff can assist non-traditional students in being more successful in their academic pursuits.

The presenter will discuss 10 specific ways to help these students become more connected with the college campus community and remain motivated in and out of the classroom. We will also discuss how important it is to adjust the expectation that college students are all the same. Participants will receive practical advice on how to work effectively with non-traditional college students, develop programming to better connect them to the campus community, and find ways to inspire and motivate them to achieve their academic goals.
  • Learn how to define what a non-traditional student is compared to a traditional student
  • Identify different sources of stress for non-traditional students
  • Discover ways staff can assist non-traditional students through support, guidance, information, and attention
  • Understand the importance of early identification of problems with non-traditional students and building positive ways to encourage them to make better choices and “help dig them out of a hole”
  • Realize the importance of referral in terms of being aware of resources on their campus and creative ways to help students access these support services
  • Learn to develop a personal connection with non-traditional students in order to help inspire and motivate them toward academic success
  • Understand the need to build traditional college services around non-traditional needs, specifically discussing how to adapt orientation, office hours, and technology support around the needs of non-traditional students
Who should attend?
  • 2 & 4-year institutions
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Advising
  • Counseling
  • Career Services
  • Retention Specialist
  • Student Life
  • First Year Experience Coordinators
  • Anyone on campus who works with adult students

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