Guns On Campus: Understanding Policy From The Legal, Administrative & Psychological Perspectives
Guns On Campus: Understanding Policy From The Legal, Administrative and Psychological Perspectives
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Guns on Campus.

“We would be safer. Armed students create a deterrent. Guns save lives.”
“Arming intoxicated students is not a good idea. The risk of accidents is way too high.”
“Concealed carry holders go through extensive training to handle their weapons. They should be allowed to protect themselves.”
“There is no way to tell the difference between a school shooter and an armed student trying to help.”

Guns on campus. Three simple words that cause fear and worry in the minds of most campus administrators. Then again, recent campus shootings bring an element of fear and worry to a campus community. The discussion gets even more confusing when a group of students comes into your office to request permission to conduct an “empty holster” protest on your quad.

  • How does your college or university handle the question of concealed carry on campus?
  • Which states currently allow guns on campus? Which states are considering legislation?
  • How has this been implemented on open enrollment/community college campuses as well as four-year residential schools?

Whatever your viewpoint, the discussion and debate continues. This program will offer an overview of the main points presented by each side and assist student affairs administrators in developing a better understanding of the salient arguments. We will get you ‘up to speed’ on the issue of guns on campus and help administrators, staff, and faculty better understand the arguments on both sides of this hot-button issue.

  • Learn why some students believe that carrying weapons will keep them safe
  • Review the philosophy of the empty holster movement
  • Discuss how and why armed students will complicate an active shooter protocol
  • Learn which states are currently allowing weapons on campus
  • Look ahead at states that are next in line to allow concealed carry
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Residence Life
  • Student Life
  • Campus Safety

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