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Connecting Courses To Careers: Using Powerful Analytics To Gauge Student “Employability” & Your Institution’s Effectiveness On The Job Market
Connecting Courses To Careers:  Using Powerful Analytics To Gauge Student “Employability” & Your Institution’s Effectiveness On The Job Market
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With an increased pressure on institutions of higher learning to substantiate their course offerings with respect to employability, now more than ever, experiential learning programs are a viable way to prepare the student and close the “skills gap” that exists in the job market today.

In a survey from Marketplace from American Public Media and The Chronicle of Higher Education, employers said what matters most to them is what actually happens outside the classroom. “Internships came back as the most important thing that employers look for when evaluating a recent college graduate,” says Dan Berrett, senior reporter at The Chronicle.

Imagine then, having quantitative and qualitative data obtained through the student’s internship experience to help your institution gauge the effectiveness of its course content as is relates to graduate employability? Or, having a tool that helps students substantiate the need for specific soft-skill enhancement for an individual or group categorized as “less employable” by future employers?

Join highly-rated speakers Martha Lanaghen and Ann Cross for this interactive and engaging presentation about the benefits of incorporating experiential learning metrics to predict employment outcomes, measure your students’ employability probability, and improve your course content. This webinar will focus on practical, tactical ideas and tools that can be implemented quickly. You’ll hear stories of success, see data that supports outcomes, and leave with tools that you can take back to the campus and use to improve employment outcomes.
  • Review the effects of recent regulatory, legislative, and marketplace changes and the impact on higher education
  • Learn which reporting metrics are needed
  • Learn how internship data can be transferred to actionable measures that will improve graduate employability
  • Discuss how using quantitative and qualitative data collected from internships can help improve course content
  • Identify tools to manage experiential learning programs and collect data for reporting
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Career Services
  • Directors of Assessment

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