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Achieving Success In Developmental Education: Implementing Cost-Effective, High-Touch Programs That Work
Achieving Success In Developmental Education: Implementing Cost-Effective, High-Touch Programs That Work
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American college freshmen are increasingly underprepared for college-level work in the critical foundational areas of math, English, and reading. To further complicate the matter, many other students lack academic confidence, regardless of their core skills.

These challenges, combined with shrinking college budgets and increasingly competitive recruiting environments, mean that institutions are compelled to build scalable programs that minimize the cost to serve these inherently at-risk students. Unfortunately, many of these “scalable” programs exacerbate the risks presented in this population and result in increased student attrition, confound student academic success, and in their worst iterations lead to negative student experiences that cost the institution brand equity and reputation.

Flash forward to “mass-customization” and journey with us as we explore several exciting models that are beginning to prove effective in the world of one-to-many communication. You’ll see specific examples of models that are being put to work today, and learn about important resources that can assist you in persuading key stakeholders to explore these models.

This highly interactive workshop will give you practical tools that you can take back to your office and immediately put to work.
  • Receive a high-level review of current articles and statistics regarding developmental students
  • Gain an understanding of “mass customization” and one-to-many concepts in student services
  • Review two exciting models for high-touch, high-success developmental support models
  • Receive an implementation checklist, including mistakes and lessons learned from schools that have been there
  • Get tips for evaluating “Buy or Build” decisions for implementing these models
  • Learn specific steps for preparing business cases and proposals for piloting high-touch remediation programs
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Retention Specialist
  • Developmental Educators
  • Learning Centers

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