He Said THAT On Facebook? Creating Effective Policies That Govern Employee Social Media & Internet Use
He Said THAT On Facebook?  Creating Effective Policies That Govern Employee Social Media and Internet Use
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Social media use is more prevalent than ever as users frequently turn to social networking online as a primary means of communication. Sometimes, workplace complaints and employee disputes can filter into the medium causing a questionable situation for both employee and institution. How do you respond when an employee defames your school or another employee online? Whatís the difference between on- and off-duty conduct? How do you best prevent these circumstances from happening? This webinar will review critical policies that address blogging, social networking, and online conduct in the higher education context. We will review how campus professionals should respond to social networking misconduct and inflammatory remarks posted on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. We will consider how recent policy statements issued by the National Labor Relations Board affect private institutions.

In addition, there are different considerations applicable to academic and non-academic employees and those that engage in speech while on duty as opposed to off duty and off campus. It is important to set clear privacy expectations regarding the use of the Internet on campus-provided electronic devices, as well as what conduct is permissible in accessing the institutionís network and electronic equipment. This program will explore how to set those expectations and create a Code of Conduct that navigates harassment, defamation, and free speech laws applicable to the workplace.
  • Discover best practices for Internet policies governing blogging, social media, and Internet use on employer-owned devices for academic and non-academic employees that engage in both on- and off-duty speech and conduct
  • Explore how recent policy statements from the National Labor Relations Board on social media policies affect private institutions
  • Examine how academic freedom rights impact the institutionís rules regarding online behavior
  • Learn effective tools for drafting electronic media and computer device policies and how to respond to defamatory speech
  • Understand how to set the expectations of privacy and security in the workplace when campus professionals use or access the Internet
  • Discuss who owns university-provided electronic devices in the workplace, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Analyze sample rules and guidelines which should apply to campus professionals who post online on behalf of the institution
Who should attend?
  • 2-year institutions & 4-year institutions
  • Academic Affairs/Instruction
  • Student Services/Affairs
  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Human Resources
  • Online Learning
  • Webmaster

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